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Funny money quotes (7)

LOL!!!!!!!!  Whew, that made me laugh! Did you see that coming?  I didn’t which is why I had to share this with you guys today for Money Monday!  Hope you were just as tickled as I!  As we pursue financial prosperity lets remember to keep everything in it’s proper perspective.  The beginning statements are true and although the end is just a joke (unless of course you DO want to send me your money! lol), it is a reminder to laugh and take it easy when it comes to money matters.  To do so will help you focus on what REALLY matters!

Light, Love and Financial Prosperity,


BTW, when did wordpress change our posting creation page?  I can’t find my colors or anything!  Oy Vey! Just when I had figured out the few little buttons that I DID know! Smh! LOL!

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