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They say 80% of our fitness results come from what we eat not the gym. If this stat is even a little bit true then allow me to share this advice:


Here’s to maximizing our efforts to Pursue a Higher Degree in Fitness!

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9 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday

  1. Maybe we should be more concerned about eating based on need than based on “want.” Does your body really need it or does your brain simply want it? It takes two steps: (1) hand to mouth, (2) chew and swallow. This gives EVERYONE 2 chances to avoid making poor food decisions. Wishing everyone the best with their decision making skills.

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    1. This is a really good point. Most people feel like if something is already put in their mouths they must eat it. ESPECIALLY if it tastes good! The way you write here lets us know that the “fat lady has not sung” until we swallow it thereby giving us a second opportunity to make a better decision if we fouled on step #1. Thanks Dr. Jonathan! I will keep this in mind for myself!

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  2. Honestly there are so many fad diets and workouts popping up all the time and new magic pills that people are turned into cattle. Most even supposedly good for you meals are garbage and tiny portions. For the most part there are no cookie cutter answers or a work for all type of answer as even a person in their life has it where they go through quick changes by doing things a certain and its better than before and now it is worse.

    A good 20 years ago if someone had a protein shake, bar, meal or bought pre made meals the general average was 60-20-20 with 60 being carbs. Now supposedly “a good source of protein or fiber” comes in weight watchers and banquet meals and if you read the labels they are even higher than what was average all those years ago. Basically it is BS and most people do not know what they are looking at but even if they are counting they could easily see that they are blowing their carb or fat numbers numbers through the roof.

    The other distraction is people using machines or being given a guesstimate on how many calories burned in an hour at around 300-400 and they think this is a lot bc they do not know that there are 3500 calories in a pound. Also, food could have a zillion calories and if you have a fast metabolism or if the food isn’t heavy and digests quickly it would not matter. For example eating a pint of haagen dazs might have 800 calories but it is light and goes through your system quickly. Now if you eat a seemingly nice sized portion of let’s say steak or chicken and it is around the same amount of calories those digest slower and are heavier at the same intake of calories.

    so it is based on trying something, sticking with it for a good trial period and then making changes, even if you are seeing changes.

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      1. I agree though many people are a bit too busy to do so. That is where some of it gets out of whack. I had a calorie counter on my training website for simple things like groceries and even restaurant orders based on portion size and it helped but the 2 I had went out of business. Now many people tell me things like their nutritionist gave them a sheet. Basically a cookie cutter diet with some slight changes. I typically try to use a personalized approach and do not make people make a lot of huge changes immediately as they tend to fall off. Instead I handle the workouts and ask for their diet with no judgments and I alter it to a manner that makes them more able to handle the changes and make it to where they are cooking, using the best possible products and have them make full lifestyle changes. πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh I wrote a little quickly. You used to be able to get actual protein meals, snacks etc that were all protein or at least a much larger majority and not below what was considered just an average amount and false labels saying a great source of protein from a company that has been tricking people for decades with their eating methods of starving people push off these great source of protein or fiber meals and they are significantly worse than a normal meal was and actually fast food is better for you than these meals. Plus they leave you still pretty damn hungry. πŸ™‚

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