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A message from my Tevana gift box. I received a super cool dragon tea pot from my family. They know I like dragons and tea, so that was very thoughtful and I am grateful and thankful for their abundant giving!

Light and Love,



2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Generosity

  1. Family can be a source of great pleasure and support or a source of great discontent. For all your readers lost in direction, why not choose the first path if it is the one you wish to travel and become the inspiration to start the change.
    You are fortunate and place a great deal of effort in supporting and enriching your family. I do believe the efforts return many benefits in many different ways.
    Stay healthy and happy

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    1. This is such sage advice Dr Jonathan! You are right, I reap the benefits of my efforts with my family in ways untold and beyond count. I love my family of origination dearly and I consider my family of procreation that which literally makes me the richest woman on the planet! I truly feel that EVERYDAY and from what I get from them, they know it and THAT gives me great peace. Thank you so much for your contribution to ME and this Blog community! Light and Love, Shona


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