PHDinMeBlog- Foodie Tuesday/pumpkin coffee review

Hey Scholars!

On the day before Halloween, IHOP had spooky pancake day! They would serve every kid under 12 a free spooky pancake from 7am until 10 pm!  Since the event fell on a Friday, I thought it would be a great fun way to start our weekend and the kids could barely go to sleep the night before as they were so excited to go to IHOP on a school day for breakfast!

We arrived around 8:15 am it wasn’t crowded like it was when we had gone on national pancake day and after just a few minutes we were given a table. We did our typical group potty run before we took our seats.

I already knew I wouldnt be eating any food there but I thought I may treat myself to a coffee.

Lo and behold when I got there I turned and saw this delightful sign.


Pumpkin flavored coffee! Perhaps still floating from my Fresh Market experience the day before where I had a sample cup of freshly roasted Pumkin Spice coffee that was made to perfection, I thought, “this will do the trick”

Not so. The children received their pancakes and wiggled in their seats with glee.


They started decorating them right away.


Then came my coffee.image


I know the picture had whipped cream on it but I still wasn’t expecting such a a large amount. This was a 16 oz cup!

I took a swig and OH MY WORD! It was seriously a cup of sugar. It was super sweet and really just taste like hot chocolate. I seriously did not taste any coffee. And very little pumpkin flavor. Of course at this point I’m asking myself ‘what did I expect’. But I was merciful with myself because whatever it was it wasn’t this. Surely, it was some powered mix from a can- aack!

I divided it up between the kids who were pleading to try it ( I’m sure due to the whip cream and hearing mommy say something about SUGAR) and just ordered plain black coffee.


When I tasted the lukewarm coffee, as it that weren’t already a no-no, it was horribly bitter and yucky. They didn’t have the sweetners I would normally use so I just accepted my coffee fate and threw in the cafe towel for the day.  I’m really more of a tea gal, but there are times when I am in a coffee mood and will seek to indulge. Never again at IHOP that’s for sure! Since I am not much of a coffee drinker I didn’t think I knew enough about coffee selections to have a “taste” for it one way or the other as I do tea, but somehow I think I have developed a bit of coffee snobbery!  Lol! I paid for my bad coffee and the kids and I went home to start our school day! They rode home excited and invigorated for their days lessons and I rode home having already learned mine:/ hahaha!

Light, love and premium (hot) coffee,



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