PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday-Bet you won’t forget!!

Happy Monday Scholars!

What do you think about this?


Whether it’s a relative or friend or the bank, I gotta say, this quote is right on point! HAHA!

I have been on both sides of this and I am uncomfortable in both positions especially as borrower.  I believe borrowing makes the borrower the slave to the lender and I try very hard never to put myself in the position of the borrower or lender, especially as the lender to people I am very close to.  I always despised debt, even as a kid.  I wouldn’t even ask other kids for candy because I didn’t want them telling me when I got candy that I owed them- TRUE STORY!

What have your experiences been as a borrower or lender or both and what do you think of borrowing and lending?  Does someone owe you money now and you wonder if you will actually get it back?  Are yo the one who is owing right now with no plans to pay back?  Share your comments on this Money Monday so we can all learn!  Also, be sure to follow PHDinMeBlog, we don’t borrow we TAKE good ideas and use them to Pursue a Higher Degree!

Light, Love and Debt-free living,



6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday-Bet you won’t forget!!

  1. Borrowing has destroyed more friendships than people realize. I always suggest if a person is willing to “lend money,” do so on the belief it will NEVER come back. If you accept this philosophy, it will not ruin relationships. If you get the money back, consider it a bonus.

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