PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday!

Hey Scholars!!

Can I get a what, what!  It’s Friday!  I’m typing this at the library, first time posting from this library so hope it goes through as it should.  Did you guys know I am a libraryaholic? Yup!  And I coined that term but feel free to use it.  I so enjoy the library and usually where ever I travel, I have to find their library and peruse!  I usually compare which ever one I am in to my favorite ones.  Woe unto the library that gets a bad rating but I’m usually very merciful because at the end of the day, libraries are such great benefits to the community no matter what their size or offerings! Ahhh, you just never know what to expect from my post do ya!  That’s cool because sometimes I don’t either- I was not planning to type all that about libraries BUT, I was FEELING it!  HAHA!

So onto FITNESS!


You guys should have seen your girl in class this morning!  I was truly beasting.  I know I brought suspicion as to what was in my thermal cup.  Even I didn’t know where all the energy was coming from and I was sweating like a convict on the run!!!  LOL!!  It was totally awesome.  At one point I started to slow down to regain steam and lo and behold Joe, our instructor comes over to me and starts challenging me to keep up with him.  I audibly yelled out, “NOOOOOOO!” Cuz I was TI-RED!  BUT I’m not one to be shown out and I pulled it out of cruise and accelerated!! I couldn’t not stop laughing and by then neither could Joe but we were ON IT! He called me out after class and said, “Shona, I caught you slouching, and I was like, “I KNOOOW, just when I was about to dial back” and shook my fist at him!  It was a total blast!

At first I said to myself, where in the world did all that energy come from and then it hit me.  My attitude!  I totally wanted to be in that class this morning! I missed my morning workouts twice this week to work on my project.  I still had my Tae Kwon Do cross training so I got my workouts in for the day but STILL, it’s not my typical morning flow, so this morning I went in missing my gym, the people and routine and it showed- in a good way that garnered RESULTS.

Attitude makes ALL the difference in how you approach anything but more importantly it makes the difference in output!  Changing your routine every now and again is good in that it helps you appreciate it all the more when you go back to it.

Today check your attitude and look out for a great time doing whatever you do and the positive results that flow from it!

Light, Love and a Positive Attitude for Life and Workouts (oh and libraries!;),



2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday!

  1. GREAT JOB HUN!! Yeah! I can totally feel it when I miss my workouts/bootcamp classes. This month we are doing a glute challenge. We started off on Monday with 160 glute reps and increase daily by 20. Then on to our regular bootcamp workout. Whew ~ 🙂 I love my workouts and just as you stated, “Attitude makes ALL the difference in how you approach anything but more importantly it makes the difference in output!” I am so proud of you!

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