PHDinMeBlog- Freestyle Thursday/Spirit made Flesh

Hey Scholars,

All is well with the project so far.  Thanks for your patience with my replies to your comments. I dont just do generic replies so it takes a second.  I’m texting this from the car ( hence the small pics:/) after my TKD class ( next big test Dec. 5th!!!!!) cuz when I get home I gotta get ready for BED! BUT I had to check in with my fellow Scholars to put out this fundamental fact:

image image

I grew up on gospel music and although I enjoy it I am not philosophically or spiritually in alignment with all the lyrics,  This artist, Donald Lawrence, is generally on point lyrically in my opinion and tends to be an exception. He music is uplifting and smart. Check it out , tap your feet, nod your head and be spiritual!

Light and Love,



5 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Freestyle Thursday/Spirit made Flesh

    1. LOL!!! I should not have looked at this at the library! I’m supposed to be quiet in here not LOL! Lesson Learned!-:)) Indeed that is OLD SCHOOL Gospel Ken, but I must confess, thanks to my grandmother, I am quite fond of those selections as well! Light and Love, Shona

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