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Man, I love you guys!  Really!  I mean sure, I don’t have to listen to you snore, see you put dirty clothes on the floor or places other than the dirty clothes or washing machine, smack or slurp when you eat or drink, endure your attitudes when you are in a pissy mood, live in your hypocrisy when you say one thing and do another and well, you get the drift… You may think “you don’t love me because you don’t know me” but that’s not why I do.  I love you because I love Me.  More and More each day!  And I know that because of this, behind your computer there I sit!  Some of you will get that right away and some may never (I hope not:/) but that’s my truth.  This is the truth that comes from:


Quite frankly I am GLAD I don’t have to deal with the whole of your humanity up close and personally! Whew, got enough of that from myself and my circle.  But I cherish that the whole of you exists and I think it is ALL amazing and I revel in the BEAUTY of it! (the darkness can really disturb me but I know it is purposeful and in that I stand astounded and in awe.) Make no mistake, in my opinion LOVE is not always mushy, lovey-dovey. Sometimes it may sting or cut as any good pruning should but if it comes from and leads to light, to me, it is right!

The above scripture is VERY heavy and is worthy of great study and contemplation and will be the focus of a project I will be working on for the month of November which leads to the next point of this Spirit Sunday post.

I’m am so excited that starting today Nov. 1st, I will be challenging myself to work on something that I have never done before.  Actually I had never even heard of it until about a week or so ago.  Since it’s SO VERY NEW to me I will not go into detail today but I want to let you guys know for two reasons:

  1. I may not be posting as I normally do.  I do plan to post SOMETHING everyday (to stay connected and stay in the blog “groove) but as to the level of depth… I dunno- lol!
  2. I largely credit my nerve to try this to YOU!  You guys have affirmed me so incredibly since I had been blogging that my very self has expanded in fearlessness and I “go for it” all the more!  THANK YOU! 

The second point is a very practical reason why I LOVE YOU GUYS! (Man the older I get the quicker it is to get teary- geez!-lol)  It’s so very funny that as I was deciding to do this, I am thinking of YOU ALL!  Is that even normal?  HAHAHA! I know because you have told me that you are blessed by my daily posts and THAT is such a big reason why I do so I feel responsible not to simply just let that go.  This is such a mutually blessed blog community!

So, as I get into this personal challenge, I may write more about it but seriously it’s literally so new that I don’t even know how.  It’s not a secret and I suspect many other bloggers are doing it as well but as I said for me it’s a major new challenge and I want to get my proverbial bearings before I go blabbing off at the mouth-Hahaha! It’s over at the end of the month so you’ll more than likely know by then and I will be happy to share.  In the mean time, I’ll be expecting encouragement from you to push me along and I have no doubt I will receive it! BECAUSE YOU ALL ROCK! Additionally, I have a few other things, I will be throwing in to challenge myself this month and I will fill you in on those things as well.  If you haven’t guessed I like to challenge myself (especially when it comes to doing something different that captures my interest) and it’s also something I highly recommend!

Please nurture your Spirit on today and KEEP DEVELOPING into the BEST of who you can me!  And if nothing else remember that your BLOG FRIEND and fellow sojourner SHONA loves you- in the fullness of your morning breath and all! Just glad I don’t have to smell it- HAHAHALOL!

Light and Love, 


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