Love and Light! To friends of mine

Look at this original poem by Paul! True Poetry comes from the heart and soul of the author. Realizing that, I am abundantly blessed by this Scholars gratitude! Here’s to hoping your attitude of gratitude blesses others as this has me! Light and Love on this Spirit Sunday! Shona


To love or raise someone to light may expose flaws

Does it matter if that person was in fact a love of yours?

The best they are and the worst you take in the time

Love and light is the best compliment accepted now

To hear it makes you a better person in the moment

Living it makes you better because of just that time

Mine friends who use this saying are truly devine

Saying it and living it are two different things in whole

The desire to continue to raise others above is a blessing

Holidays coming with today’s wording is window dressing

***You know whom you are and friends are what I call you from near and afar. Good days to you each I say…

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