PHDinMeBlog-Family Saturday/Happy Halloween

Hey Scholars!

Today is Halloween and I hope you made it a great day!


My little ones are tucked in right now and I am tucked out!

My phone is NOT doing right and I got zero pictures today:/ BUT I am kind of happy that was the case because it kept me from being distracted by the desire to capture the moment and just helped me BE in the moment which was grounding!

We started with Che Marc’s of course then my daughter baked cookies and cupcakes to take to a Halloween party! She did great and they came out moist, light, fluffy and yummy!


After the party, we came home and the kids trick or treated for the first time ever. I have never let them do it before and they were estatic. Well all except my youngest. He just kept saying he preferred to go home. He would even take only one candy instead of more as if to not disappoint the distributor but  instead to get on with it!- lol!  He is so funny.

After trick or treating we got cozy and watched Supergirl together.  It was our first time and overall I would say it’s put together pretty decently!


Finally it was lights out,  but not before hearing cheers after being told that they would be getting 1 hour extra sleep due to daylight savings time.

I think I cheered the loudest!-lol!

Light, and the love of family,



7 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Family Saturday/Happy Halloween

    1. Hey Bridgette! You know as I youngster, I had several favorite names and Bridgette was one of them! lol! True story! Thanks so much for following my blog! So exciting! I’m glad you enjoyed the Peace Pumpkin! I was wondering how it would be taken?!?! I am very excited about today being Nov.1st! How about you? I like new beginnings! Light and Love, Shona

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      1. Shona… I’m happy 2 hear Bridgette was one of your fav! 😌 I’m very excited about this month as well. I love Fall/Winter… and I’m working on a goals post for the month. LOL. ~bridgette

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