PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday/From my HEART to yours:)

Happy Friday Scholars!

So yesterday morning I was doing some strength and endurance and just before I was about to hit the floor to work on abs, a gym mate walked up from behind and said,” I think it’s so cool that your sweat…”  Ok at this point I’m like ,”huh?!” Lol! She went on to say …has formed a perfect shaped heart on your back! I REALLY was like “huh?!”  Then she  said “can you see it?” And I turned around and sure  enough…



I told her it was meant for her! Seeing that I would probably have never even seen it !

This pic was taken some time after my workout by a different gym mate. Even though I had been doing floor exercises and in front of fans, which caused the shirt to dry out a bit, the HEART was still there!

So now it is for me and YOU!

Thinking of that gym mates face makes me smile within because I could tell she saw something more in that sweaty heart!Lol! Something special. I don’t know what, but her expression was enough for me.

Today, Bless your body/temple and get some movement in! Make it a good workout and be sure to put your HEART into it!

Light and Love,



4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday/From my HEART to yours:)

  1. It’s amazing how much more we can see in this world when we don’t limit our vision by exclusively relying on our eyes to see. Don’t blind people have and share visions? We are a people comfortable with the tangible experiences we can explain in life. Upon closing our eyes and opening ALL of our senses we unleash a vision of unlimited potential. Many are afraid to attempt this because it extends outside their comfort zone. We still must discern between those visions that lead to prosperity and growth and those that lead to desperation and despair. It is self awareness and good judgement rather than physical vision that determines which path is taken.
    That heart on your shirt can only be seen by those able to absorb the warmth it shares. Wishing you many more sweating hearts in the future! 🙂

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