PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition Tuesday/Protein powder pancakes!

Hey Scholars!

So my husband bought this protein that he doesn’t like and it’s just been sitting in our pantry. Unlike me, he tends to toss items he buys that he doesn’t like- EEEKKK!!!! But for some reason he did not with this.  I read the ingredients on it and saw that it is made with casein, whey and eggs and my mind started churning:)

I grabbed a bowl and inside put two scoops of the powder and water and stirred.  It had a nice consistency so I heated a frying pan and gave a quick canola oil spray and poured the mixture in. imageAfter a short amount of time I gave it a flip and here is what I got!


Obviously I could have flipped it sooner but it was pretty impressive the true pancake consistency it had particularly for a product that was made to drink. Also two scoops made way to much “batter”. One scoop would have been sufficient.

They tasted OK. I don’t like sucrolose and sadly the manufacturer decided to add that to a list of otherwise decent ingredients:(  As a result I didn’t feel like eating them

I like pancakes/flapjacks but my dietary lifestyle doesn’t always allow me to have them, so I like finding ways I can replicate them and with a protein powder like this ( not exactly this one because I don’t like some extra items on the ingredient list) looks like I may be onto something.

What do you think?

How do you feel when an otherwise healthy product has some “janky” ingredient in it?

What are your favorite healthy replicated dishes?

Leave a comment and share your recipes!

Light, Love and Improvised Cooking,



23 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition Tuesday/Protein powder pancakes!

      1. Why wouldn’t we? I always will! I was born with it and been through enough to know it’s a positive lasting condition for me. It may have to rebound, but it always snaps back! In so saying, that does not mean I find everything funny. I don’t. EVERYONE has a dark side that can be tapped into and I am no exception!;) LIGHT and Love, Shona

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    1. Hey David! You’re a rock star! Thank you! This makes my 4th award and I have not answered any of them because they have required I go somewhere else (site wise) and SIT, read the rules and answer. I guess I anticipate that taking a while and have not gotten around to doing them. I feel bad about that but let’s see… I will plan on getting to this on FRIDAY. I will answer the others then as well (if they don’t EXPIRE!). While I am on the topic, I apologize for those waiting on my response to nominations. I am truly honored! Bare with me. Can’t do it now because I have children who need costumes properly fitted and tweaked before going out to a trunk or treat party! (They are literally standing over my shoulder as I type to hurry me along!) LOL! Light and Love, Shona

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  1. Hi Shona,

    I’m restarting low carb/keto and love to hear about alternatives like this. I’m ok with sugar substitutes, but some of the the stuff on the ingredient labels mystify me. I have some low carb recipes on my blog that you are welcome to try.



    1. Hey Rob! If you lived next door I would totally give you that protein mix! haha! I’ve never heard of low carb/keto. I hope it’s going successfully for you! I see on your blog that you have some really cool recipes! I look forward to exploring them! Light and Love, Shona

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      1. I’m gonna take that as you didn’t like the protein mix that much! lol I’m doing a mix of Keto and Low carb. Just trying to take the ‘eating whole’ aspect of Keto and trying to find the low carb whole foods. Not an easy endeavor, especially in the winter when there’s not a lot of variety in local produce.

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      2. It’s funny, I just opened the pantry and my husband as several beige colored Keto packages in there and I thought of you. I have never even heard of it before! Hope all is going well on your journey! I think it’s a good thing to try out various HEALTHY diet options. Even if the whole thing doesn’t end up fitting our lifestyle, there could always be one positive and lasting takeaway! Light and Love, Shona


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