PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday/ Journey to India

Hey Scholars!!!

So today the kids and I went out to a local Indian festival and had a GRAND time!

My phone was low on battery:/ so I had to be stingy with the pics I took but I think I have a few good ones to share!

We walked into the building past Indian food trucks outside and down corridors full of Indian vendors and arts and of course Hindu gods


Then we went into the main hall to see dancing performances and as I was standing waiting for the performance to start, a kind man tapped my shoulder and motioned toward the back of the room and then told me, while looking down pointing at my children, to go have some food!

image image

And so we did! They had vegetarian samosas that were served cut in half and for good reason as they were very big.  They came with 3 different spicy sauces. They also served and array of cookies and something called ? Mulberries ( can’t recall exactly but it was covered in a white candied shell). I can say I thought everything was tasty ( I already like Indian food) EXCEPT the mulberries which tasted like biting into perfume! Lol! I told my eldest daughter and she just looked like, ‘ew that’s too bad mom’ as she gobbled down her salted cookie! Ha! We stayed until the end and I can tell you the tray was full of those perfume balls! So it was not just me- lol!!

After finding some seats we watched a few different styles of Indian dance.  image image image

Many Indian families find it important to keep their cultural heritage alive and thus send their children to schools to practice traditional dance in addition to recognizing and/or practicing religious, regional and familial traditions.

Guess who danced in TWO of the dances? That’s right! Your girl- ME! I was recruited by Ms Neeta, the lady at the food serving table in the bright yellow above! How I get myself into these things I don’t know! But so glad I do:))) of course I don’t have a pic of myself dancing because well, I was dancing and not taking pics!

After the kids made a candleholder craft out of CD’s we made our way back to the vendor corridor we had passed earlier


I browsed the tables while my children searched for the answers to fill out their Indian passport to obtain a prize! They all received one! Then we waited on Line to get Mehndi drawn into our palms! This was my design. It is henna art that will fade in about a week or so.


Ms. Neeta came out to find me and thanked me for participating. I thanked her for showing me kindness and having such a sweet spirit! She said she just wants people to learn and could tell I was up for it.  She then leaned in and asked what part of Africa I was from! Haha! I said, “oh I’m not African, I am American from New York”! She pardoned herself and said that She was actually from Africa and I asked what part and she said East- Kenya.  For years now I have been used to encountering African Indians, but I remember when I was first introduced to African Indian culture I was gobsmacked! Ms. Neeta pretty much adopted us today. We exchanged numbers and she wants me to continue to explore the culture beyond the event. She says the world is getting much smaller much faster and that we must all broaden our horizons.  I think she is right!

After leading us to the yoga room to watch a demonstration, Miss Neeta and other volunteers filled cups for the my kids with cookies- so sweet. It was like I was a guest in their home so I was not going to say no. Well I can’t say that I did decline the perfume balls that one of the young ladies reluctantly offered! Ha!

We said our thank your and goodbyes to all the people we befriended at the event and Ms Neeta squeezed my son with whom she had obviously given her favor, reached in her bag and gave him her last two samosas!

When we came home my husband did not have enough ears to hear about all the fun we had, the people we met and the sights we saw! We are blessed to live in a country with so many global representations that we don’t HAVE to travel to become well aquanted with them. All we have to do is be willing to get out of our boxes! Indeed, it was a wondrous day!

Light, Love and Broadened Horizons!



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