PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday/HOW can this be?


Did you know that…


May sound insane but it IS true!  Of course that’s just ONE reason I exercise but it’s a GOOOOOD reason!

Happy Friday Scholars!  We made it!  Who’s Ready for the Weekend?!?!  Oh no! You know that 80’s song (by Canadian group Loverboy- don’t be impressed that I knew the group name I had to google it-ha!) is now in my head– ‘Everybody’s working for the weekend’… and of course that’s all I know because I am the one that is FAMOUS for only knowing the chorus to a song and then creating my own language for the rest of the lyrics! LOL!  I’m better now thanks to You Tube posting Lyrics, but my family never lets me live down how I have mutilated song lyrics in the past!  

Oh my, quite off course for Fitness Friday but won’t music do that too you?!?!  Grab you some, go workout and RELAX!!!!!!

Light and REAL Love (you guys TRULY lift me! My Blog community ROCKS!!!!),


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15 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday/HOW can this be?

      1. I think you may have hit unfollow by mistake. I have accidentally done it. It does not mean you are not still getting my posts. It is just a mistake. It happened with a few people to me and from me lately.


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