PHDinMeBlog- Freestyle Thursday/3 Simple Rules

Gotta go to bed ya’ll, cuz I gotta get up earrrlllyy and hit the gym!  BUT what is a day without posting some inspiration for us ALL to glean from! And THESE three simple rules are ON POINT!


Scholars, be sure to walk with your heads held high!  Know that you are LOVED by Abba Father The Creator!  And live your life riding with Light and Love for the Good– until the wheels come off! :)))

Light and Love,



11 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Freestyle Thursday/3 Simple Rules

  1. May the positive energy flow creating a light so clear and powerful that all recipients will envision a clearer more attractive path in life to follow. I truly believe your messages are part of this light force. Energize yourself to create an aura others will be drawn to and watch your passion for life flow endlessly.
    Sweet dreams.

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    1. Wow.This whole comment just speaks life to my dreams! ‘Energize yourself to create an aura others will be drawn to…’ —HEAVY. This I am provoked to immediately contemplate as I know it is truth for me. What can I say but thank you and wow, again. Light and Love, Shona

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    1. That sounds AWESOME! SOOO glad you are here Kaldina! Luz y Amor! Shona
      (cuando yo este en su blog voy a escribir en español pero aquí en el mío, en ingles para que todos pueden entenderme! Disculpa por los errores in este commenta como tu sabes, necesito practica mas! Gracias mi amiga nueva de blog!


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