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Evening Scholars!

Nope, it certainly is not to late to post on Nutrition. In fact this particular post might be helpful for your morning!

So here it is:


My current oatmeal collection!

Until I get tired of it, which is not very often, I probably have oatmeal every weekday morning.  I used to see the elders in my family eat the same things at the same times each day ( I can remember my great-grandfather at the SAME exact time each day peeling a banana as a snack and hearing his dentures shift as he chewed. Bless his sweet heart:) and think, “old people are so predictable and routine.”  NOW the tables have turned and all of a sudden I am doing the same thing- gulp! (Minus the dentures thank goodness!- lol) I may switch the additions but the breakfast is oatmeal and a protein 9 times out of ten at the same time and same place! Ha!

Sometimes like this:


Other times like this:


Sometimes diced apple and cinnamon.

If I do oatmeal plain or with fruit and no nuts I will usually have an egg ( well 3 egg whites actually) also.

Right now it’s oatmeal with salt and veggie sausage for 25 g of protein!

No matter which way I have it, it is always without added sweetener!

What’s your favorite go to breakfast? Do you have a way you like to fix oatmeal? Give a sister ( me) some tips!! You don’t want me to be predictable and routine in the mornings do you? Disclaimer: don’t get too hopeful, it won’t be changing much. And YOU know why- quick, healthy, filling and easy.  Lol! Leave a comment and Follow PHDinMeBlog!

Light, Love and Healthy Temples,



8 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition/Oatmeal

  1. I use organic oatmeal post workout and mix dry raisins and almond slices with it for calories and glycogen storages. I then consume a 30g whey protein drink and post workout recovery drink. This is done at the gym to maximize the nutritional results.

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    1. Man. Figures you would be that on point with it! Glycogen storages? Now you have given me homework! LOL! At the gym? So you are bringing it with you and eating it cold or packing in thermal? Do you eat before you workout? You don’t have to answer these questions, just typing what popped into my head after reading your informative comments. Always inspiring me to the next level in health and fitness- smh/lol-more work- haha! Light and Love, Shona

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      1. After an intensive workout, energy is depleted. Carbohydrates (with the assistance of HIGH GLYCEMIC sugar {straight dextrose is best} to stimulate insulin production) drives fuel back into the cells for recovery. This approach is designed for a person WITHOUT health complications including hypoglycemia or diabetes. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING ANYONE FOLLOW MY REGIMEN WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE FROM A LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS INCLUDING DEATH IF NOT MONITORED PROPERLY. It is most effective to do this within 1 hour of exercise. This is why I bring it (in thermal insulation) to the gym with me. I drink a BCAA product during the workout and drink a 30g whey protein product after finishing the oatmeal. Whey protein (specifically) post workout is absorbed more quickly to begin the synthesis of muscle repair. I figure, if I am going to workout this hard, I may as well provide my body with the best nutrition at the best time to maximize my health and results. This is NOT needed for the average person looking to incorporate exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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      2. Wow, this shows the benefit of being EDUCATED on how the body functions! Most leave it up to doctors, Personal trainers, health coaches etc but EVERYONE has a body therefore everyone should take a proactive approach to finding up what are the right nutrition combinations that are right for their body. THANKS again Dr. Jonathan for blessing us with information that helps us to lead healthy lives! Light and love, Shona

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