PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday/Honesty=Money

Happy Monday Scholars!

I still sometimes marvel that I, me, Shona blog about money! Gotta love Blogs!  Although, I have NO formal financial background and training (of course PHDinMeBlog followers know this full well- haha!), I have always had a keen interest in money and appreciation for money and so in that, I suppose it only makes sense that I DO blog about it! It’s clear that my money interest lie more in the psychological, practical and even spiritual aspects of money as opposed to the markets, investments, etc. areas (although I am interested in those as well).  Years ago, an older man told me that to learn more about money just read Money magazine everyday.  I did get the Money Magazine but over time the magazine did not interest me and I did not read it regularly.  That was a mistake.  I now realize what the man was saying in it’s fullness.  He was giving me a key to increase my financial literacy.  Had I listened to him and maintained regular reading my overall money perspective would have broadened as well as my appetite in selections of financial reading materials and I would have been so much more knowledgeable particularly in the areas that I am not as much interested such as the ones I mentioned earlier.  Money Mondays helps me to stay on point with regular financial reading by researching/looking up information on money to post! Never to late to learn!  I look forward to seeing where this interest goes as far as the personal research, writing and attaining of money but for now, look what I found!

10 Ways honesty is going to make you more money!!!!!


Hey, now this is something we can all do!!!  Who knew being honest can fatten our bank accounts! I’m in how about you!  Let me know what you think?

Light, Love, and Prosperity!




6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday/Honesty=Money

  1. I find it interesting that the two “commodities” in life that are given the least amount of time to learn, understand and create systems for success are health and finances. Health determines the quality and potential longevity and finances dictates the ability to cover the cost of needs and wants for our entire lives. These are two very important aspects if one chooses to live a life on terms they deem important. People need to begin to understand, avoidance is unlikely to produce this same outcome.

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