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Hey Scholars!

So I am one of those women who LOVES being a mother!  My family is my entire WORLD and I fulfill my greatest purpose through them.  I am a stay at home homeschooling mompreneur so my days are FILLED and my children are AT THE CENTER! That gets a LOL and a WHEW at the same time!  HAHA!

There are several things that when mentioned in life my ears perk up and the topic of parenting is one of them.  So when I heard of conscious parenting I thought, hmmm let me check this out.  Have you ever heard of conscious parenting?  Well here is how a leading proponent of this parenting style, Dr. Shefali, defines it:


Hmmmm, the jury is still out for me on this.  A bit of it sounds like child worship to me. By child worship I mean these people who behave as if kids can do no wrong on their own.  That they are born faultless and stay that way until adults and others in their lives “mess them up”.  Hmmm, I seem to remember a certain baby who could not walk or talk (save some sign language) who was lovingly given a bottle by their parent and apparently it wasn’t what this baby wanted and the bottle was hurled toward said parents forehead but thankfully because of a short arm span, poor coordination and bad aim went sideways and hit the floor.  I seem to remember said parent being shocked and then trying very hard not to laugh in order to give necessary correction.  Several weeks ago, I seem to remember my youngest child crying and holding his finger because a soon to be 2 year old we were babysitting had bitten it.  When I looked at this baby before I could get anything out of my mouth he cupped his ears to muffle my words! I told him even with his hands up, “I will wait until you take your hands down and talk to you because that’s wasn’t nice,” and no less than 10 times, because children that age NEVER get tired of repetition, he cupped his ears whenever he saw my mouth begin to move!  It’s ok to crack up- LOL!!! That little rascal!  ARE THESE THE EXAMPLES I SHOULD CLEAR THE WAY FOR AND WANT TO NATURALLY UNFOLD!  It’s in moments like that that you know exactly why the CREATOR made them so adorable and why they start out as irresistible little babies!  That said, Perhaps my strong Christian background and well as personal observations, gets in the way of fully adopting this philosophy, having been taught that kids, like all of us, have a sin nature.

On the other hand I DO believe in children having a voice and my children are allowed to say anything they want to me.  I find that when children VALUE love, respect and honor (of themselves and others) there is no need to fear what they will say. I also had a lot of freedom as a child and I understand some of the good that can come from that if it is properly guided.  These are aspects of the conscious parenting philosophy that I can relate to.

So it is with any number of things right?  You take the good that is for you and leave the rest! The following are a list of tips from Dr. Shefali that could be helpful if you are like me and are always attuned to ways to Pursue a Higher Degree in your call as a Parent:


So what do you think about the tips?  What Do you think about conscious parenting?  Leave a comment!  And FOLLOW PHDinMeBLOG!

Light, Love, and Legacy Left through the Children,



4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Family Saturday/Parental Philosophies

  1. I have accomplished many things in life. Parenting, unfortunately, is not one of them. Parenting is one of the greatest blessings in life (in my opinion.) It requires great patience and great sacrifice. In turn it offers incredible rewards. Your children will come in time to realize what a special parent you are. I ‘m certain they love you and respect you, but as they mature and truly realize all you have given, the tears of joy will flow.

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    1. It’s interesting because you have such a nurturing paternal Spirit in all the words you have ever shared here on PHDinMeBlog. For that I say THANK YOU! I stand in alignment with your comments on parenting and your projection on my children’s realizations ring as truth to me. Light and Love, Shona

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