PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday! Don’t SLEEP!


Happy Friday Scholars!


And you know it’s the truth! LOL! Come on and get it done IN THE MORNING! We cuckoo morning workout birds like having company! Ha!

Light, Love and Fitness Friday!



9 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday! Don’t SLEEP!

    1. EA, you crack me up! I haven’t heard “Lordy” in such a long time! Haha! If I could do evenings I probably would but I am simply pooped by evening time. I do however do TKD twice a week in the evening but although we are VERY physical in class, I don’t count it as a workout:/. So kudos to YOU for having stamina way into the evening! Great job on working out and taking care of YOU! Light and Love, Shona


  1. I figure there will be plenty of time to sleep when I leave this world. Adding more hours (than required for good health) prior to this departure limits one’s abilities for LIVING a more purposeful life. Movement = Motivation; Sedentary = Stagnation. Which sounds more appealing to you?


      1. People actually do not realize how much they move in their sleep. I am normally knocked out with my prescriptions. But many people kick holes in walls and a lot more. I have seen it and you’d swear they are awake. But I can wake up feeling like I did a leg workout and with bruises, LOL.

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      2. I get what I can and I have to deal with meds for it after decades of trial and error. But at least I am functional. Most people see me doing a lot. 🙂


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