PHDinMeBlog- POETRY PREMIER/Death Ranch- Dog House

Death Ranch- Dog House



What the Hell!

Can you not tell

MJ said it best

In peace may he rest

Success, fame and fortune

they’re all illusions

All deaths by drugs

so an accurate conclusion

Deep sleep on the floor

From a mansion to a brothel

Can’t be led by reason

narcotic makes him docile

white and pink spilling from his mouth and his nose

twice called champion

“911,” called the hoes

Too tall for airlift

now too short on time

Trying to climb up

to avoid the sublime?

Spectators watching

half knowing, half surprised

now he fights for his life

real issues undisguised

Hard to believe that the ones who “have it all”

could ever have “real problems”

until we see them fall

Why is it hard to take when we’ve seen it before?

We want to reach the place where we will want no more.

A place where we can rest and chill

Be free from strife and friction

Surely coin is the gate that leads us there

In this our judgement of conviction

Mind boggled cuz he reached the place

Gold-plated promised land

Sensory faculty on- illuminates

truth- he’s wholly human.


Didn’t even know I cared so much but hoping this divine, young, talented and troubled soul has a chance to trade Beauty for Ashes

Save Judgement and connect to the JOY and PAIN of humanity,

Light, Love, Life and Hope,



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