PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition/Crap VS Food

Howdy Scholars,

Lol! Don’t know how a NY gal came up with that one but… Oh well… Lol!

So I had a more detailed post but Im in bed and have an opportunity to get 7 hours of sleep so I’m going to go for that because getting adequate rest is a weak area for me right now😕 that I’m working on improving.

Never the less something as pivotal as nutrition should not be skipped, so here is a snapshot of a question I get fairly often.

What should I eat?


Good nutrition is the foundation for which your health is based!

Light, love and FOOD,



7 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition/Crap VS Food

  1. Sleep is a luxury these days for me as well. BTW this post is timely, my daughter and I were studying yesterday about healthy food vs junk food, she would answer for any food she liked that it was healthy food (ice cream- healthy). 😀 It was mostly done with some negotiation.

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    1. LOL! I like the way your daughter thinks! I can totally see how one could rationalize that ice cream could be healthy! Thankfully she has a good mom to steer her in a more reasonable direction! I am so glad the post was timely for you! Thanks for the comment Abi! Light and Love, Shona

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