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Happy Monday Scholars!

So we are at it again!  Starting another amazing week with great expectations of nothing but the BEST!  Riiight?

So this Money Monday, as I prepare to teach my first class as a Certified IN.FORM Health Coach, I am thinking of a few things. I’m nervous/excited and I have not felt THIS way in a LONG time but it’s a good thing because I can feel the “stretch” and I am and have been exercising quite a bit of nerve in this endeavor.  I love it!  I am totally out of my comfort zone and I am excited about the growth that will come from it.

I am TRULY doing something I have ALWAYS done (natural health) and enjoyed and now have a vehicle to monetize it and a platform in which to teach, share and give back!  Exciting!

Finally, the program I teach is a 13 week long course that puts participants on a path to a LIFESTYLE of healthy living!  I will be starting this 13 week course WITH my participants TODAY!  I live the lifestyle but I have never done the program and wanted to experience it first hand along with my participants this first time around. As you know 13 weeks is a looooong time to focus on a formal program. You have to really keep your MIND in it! I want to experience the mountain highs and valley lows with alongside of them.


Today I remembered a quote that a very successful Beach Body coach from my gym said and I KNEW it was for ME and RIGHT on TIME!  She said, “The habits that you need to do the program are the same habits you need to build a business.”

Eureka! That’s it!  This statement is so true!  Building a successful business requires the same discipline, consistency, planning, focus, resilience, dedication, and positive attitude it takes to live a successful healthy lifestyle.  The money and therefore options (to do what you will) you have as a result of those efforts in business are akin to the physical wealth and therefore options (to do what you will) you will have as a result of the efforts you put into building a healthy body and mind!

I want to be healthy for it is the GREATEST wealth and I want to build my business and hence my financial legacy here in the Land of Caesar.  This program and the habits it takes to succeed in it, will give me the opportunity to do BOTH at once! That’s a great way to SPEND my time!

Light, Love, Health and Wealth,


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9 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Money Monday/HABITS

  1. You will find great financial success from living and sharing a life that simply benefits others. People will WILLINGLY provide for you if you are willing to provide for them. People want content, value and energy. They want these “things” provided in an honest and meaningful format. Delivering these simple concepts from the heart makes each day of work a day of joy. I’m sure you too will enjoy the 13 week road ahead.
    Stay healthy and happy.

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  2. First of all the focus is important, which determines your goal–whether you want to be rich or you want to be happy. All rich people are not happy and of course, all happy people are not rich. The definition of success changes with change in your goal.
    Happiness comes from sharing while money comes from being passionate about it.

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