PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday/Rainbow Loom

Oh my I’m posting late today!

Not even gonna make a goal to post earlier in the day yet because I have to many goals as it is. HA!

We had a good and relaxing day today!  Last week ended my son’s football season (hubby still has a flag football season going on but went solo this morning) and it was hard to believe that we did not have ANY place we had to be outside of the house today (not including yard work)!  I honestly checked my calendar multiple times to be sure I wasn’t missing/forgetting anything! But it turns out we actually had a free day today!  It was NICE!

So after Che Marc’s, we all just did whatever suited our fancy!  The kids rode bikes, read books, played and made rainbow loom of which my eldest daughter is QUEEN!  She is now teaching her lil siblings and my house is now Rainbow loom headquarters!

She made this name bracelet for me in the colors of my business shirt here you just see SHO but there is an N and A as well!  It’s really neat!


She made this gum ball machine not too long ago:


She has taught her sister who is getting the hang of it and came up with a one dimensional version along with a lil keychain for practice!


And her little sister stepped out on her own and made this one for me to match my Tae Kwon Do belt!


My eldest also made a cute tea cup today but I will have to update with that one because she put it away somewhere before I got a pic of it and she is now fast asleep.

I really enjoy that they have this rainbow loom option that they like so much and my eldest daughter even picked doing it over Wii on Friday!!!!  Now that is nearly miraculous!  SOOOO, even if I find rubber band in practically every square inch of my house nowadays


I will take it!  They are using their creativity in a constructive and fun way with this craft, teaching and learning and even opting for it over media at times (not to mention helping the economy by keeping this company and rubber band manufacturers employed:)!  I say it’s a win and I have some cool new “jewelry” to show for it!

Light, Love and Family,



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