Glistening selfie at the gym this morning!

Gym was good this morning!  I ran out of my normal pre-workout eats, so I had to substitute.  It’s wild how, those little things can throw a curve but thankfully, I still caught it!

Last weekend, I BOMBED on my weekend diet! OH MY GOODNESS, I am not lying I think food was coming from EVERYWHERE! I was out and about and in places (like pro football stadiums) where I didn’t want to have to go to the bathroom which led to less water (I normally drink 128 ounces a day) drinking which eventually led to more eating- OY VEY!  

I am ON IT during the week y’all but this weekend thing is FRIGHTENING! Timely I guess with Halloween around the corner!

I am looking to turn this weekend food free fall around, so TODAY, for the first time ever, I will be PLANNING my entire weekend menu and that includes water!  I am trying to stifle the OH NO’s in the back of my head right now!  But I am going to do it.  If I have time later I will post it but either way, I WILL PLAN IT OUT.  We will see how it goes.  

This Monday I will be leading my first group as a health coach and have felt a stronger conviction to  step up my game about practicing what I preach specifically regarding health and fitness. Dr. Jonathan of wrote a great post that confirmed that conviction for me!

Sorta related is that I will also be putting down specific body goals I want to see results in.  Not gonna lie, for a little while now I have just been getting  away with being thin.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some definition and muscle definition on display, But I’m not as fit as I could be and I’m starting to feel little inklings that I need to step this up as well.  I think I’m just starting to wonder what I could actually achieve in my physique instead of just being thin.  It could be that I am just wanting a bit more of a challenge.  We will see what comes out on paper.  BUT that is not the goal of goals for this weekend. No, that would be to not LOSE it on the food by scarfing down whatever I want! I really don’t do that during the week.  I am going back to last weeks tips as a base.  

So far I am 0-1 (the weekend won:/).  I’ll let you know if I can at LEAST tie the score!

Light, Love and Healthy Choices on the weekend-GULP!


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4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-FITNESS FRIDAY- PLAN IT OUT!

  1. Well, you go girl! You totally got this! I know the weekend can be tough – do you have any veggies in the house you can snack on instead of the other. Hmm… trying to think of other things to help. 🙂 When you say health coach, does that mean a fitness coach or what specifically? Great job on your workouts. I myself love my workouts as I go 4-5 times a week. I also love a challenge and pushing myself to lift more and go further than before. It makes me feel so much better both mentally and physically. Good luck with your class and please let us know how it’s going. Happy Friday!

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    1. Hey EA! This is the funniest thing, I had seen this comment and then “lost” it! I had to go all into MY SITE to hunt it down! HA! But I wanted to be sure I answered it because YOU are worth it! I did better that weekend. I don’t like munching on veggies, haha so I didn’t have any on hand. I usually would just not eat or do a veggie smoothie such as Nature’s Harvest or Spinach and a little bit of sweet frozen fruit like pineapple, apple or banana. I am a Health Coach that focuses on helping my clients create a lifestyle of holistic wellness built on a base of excellent nutrition! I admire what you do in the gym! I think I may look more into lifting in the new year! I fully agree, the endorphin high of working out is like no other (except hot yoga, I must say. It’s a BEAST:) Thank you so much for the well wishes with the class, indeed it went GREAT! I’m blessed and it’s only up from here! Thanks for your patience for my response on this EA! You are a real ANGEL! Light and Love, Shona

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