Hey Scholars!

This is TRULY not a ploy to get follows but I need someone to follow my blog to see if it’s working.  I am thinking it’s not and that perhaps somehow I disabled it.  Now I am saying this at the risk of everyone reading this discovering that really it does work and that I am just in denial about people not wanting to follow my blog anymore-ROTFLMBO!  But I am willing to take the chance! I adore my blog community but I let nothing or no one outside of myself define me!  If you read my earliest post you know this whole blog thing was in addition to being an outlet for my lifestyle and art was a new foray into technology! To give you a bit more perspective, I literally JUST made my first FACEBOOK page this past THURSDAY and that was WITH my 10 year old at the helm! hahaha!  

I’m going to Tae Kwon Do right now and I will be checking when I get back!  Someone PLEASE let me know what happens when you try to follow!  A few people told me this about a month or so ago but I thought I fixed it.  Also feel feel to give any recommendations.  I’ll post a follow up on this.  Thaaanks!

With Light and Love and hopefully Follows-ha!  Shona


And Followed (only on wordpress though- otherwise it’s just downright creepy- lolololol!)

With Love and Joy!



19 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-A LIL HELP NEEDED POR FAVOR!

  1. Love your blog. Usually when I go into a blog I follow, the follow or following little sign comes up. There is not one popping up here. Hmm… Oh, you have those three little lines here to the right… LOL! I will try to unfollow and refollow as well.

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  2. Already following you. I don’t have confidence in my lack of computer skills to undo and redo. I’m certain someone will kindly try to help, but if you need additional assistance, I will gladly offer any assistance possible. If we rely on each other, there is a high probability we will wind up successfully following each other while accidentally blocking out the rest of the world! 🙂 . BTW, If you just created a Facebook page you must really be behind the times. Don’t worry, I just learned about this machine that cooks and heats up foods and drinks. I believe they call it a microwave. 😀

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  3. It worked fine for me too. I have most people say that they can’t see my reblog or press button for quite a while now and wp support is useless. They keep saying it loooks fine on their end. Of course it does but my followers have said they don’t see it.

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      1. I have mindless idiots there saying they can ssee it. It is a known issue and the one person who knows that and tried it at home away from wp saw it does not work and these people keep telling me to do a screenshot on my iphone which in safari I can see it. I have had one person see it. I keep getting told oh try this one and screen shot it. I say if I can see it one of 5 browsers, go back through a month of posts, then try the library, furnish you with the answers and you ask the same dumb questions or see I can see it at wp pass me to the person who was working it before you. But they do not work like that.

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      2. I constantly get tech issues and most of them are useless. I was advised to change themes I did that for hours to no avail, asked for browsers versions and other nonsense and asked the same questions I answered for 2 months

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