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Hey Scholars!

Today is Tuesday! The day you get to see my short order chef skills in action! Gotta love it!

Ya’ll know I try to keep it healthy and as long as the right things are on hand, I am mostly able to accomplish that.  I would say 95% percent of the time.  I aim for 6 meals a day and right now two of them are in shake/smoothie form. Usually my 3rd and either 5 or 6th meal  of course this is during the week. Read Friday’s post and find out why the weekend is a beast of it own!! ( didn’t do good this past weekend by the way- urgggh:()

And with that I present to you my Green Smoothie!

image image image image image

Yum! And it’s gone in almost just the amount of time it took you to scroll through the pics!! There you have it!

Nature’s Sunshine for which I am an independent distributor makes Love and Peas and it is my favorite protein right now. It’s super tasty and I always try to add spinach which is where I get my green and a frozen banana for sweetness and a lil chill since I use room temperature water.

Do you do smoothies in your diet? Feel free to use this recipe and tell me what you think!

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Light, Love and Healthy Eating,


PS- you know when the post comes out this small I am posting from my phone. Haven’t figured out how to make pics big from the phone yet😳😳😝😍


5 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition/Green Drink

  1. You are showing the world a lifestyle that’s realistically achievable. It will likely result in increased energy, better physiological function and a happier more fulfilling outcome. Keep promoting yourself and your lifestyle. People will want to emulate it.

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    1. Is it good? Giiiiiiiiirrrllllll! (Like the theatrics there-haha!) All I can say is that it is my absolute favorite right now for the nutrition it offers AND for the taste! Cuz we all know not everything healthy tastes yummy but I think this does! They also have a sugar free version!!

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