Money Monday- BYPRODUCT!

Hey Scholars,

I am spending a lot of time today trying to market for my upcoming IN.FORM Nutrition/Wellness classes!  I am excited and nervous!  You already know the number one question when inviting people to anything… Will anybody show up?  HAHA!  I have made a decision that even if NO ONE does I will teach the class AND I MEAN IT!  Of course I hope they do and that’s why I am putting the word out in overdrive!  I can totally see why marketing is a MAJOR! Geez, I’m doing on my own and the old fashioned way.  Day by day, call by call, text by text.  I’m ok with that!  I firmly believe that the energy I put out will return and that means as long as I DO SOMETHING everyday!  So glad I am at the age and stage where I know what matters!  

I can honestly say that while I am not going to sell myself short in anyway nor devalue my time, money is NOT why I am doing this business.  I truly believe in a lifestyle of well-living and think I have something special to offer by teaching this and my style of doing so.  So while I fully plan to make money, I am not doing it for money.


Thankfully, I don’t have to!  Another major reason for doing my business is my children!  I want them to learn from my efforts and see the fruit of hard work, and perseverance!  That’s why I can’t stop won’t stop! HA! See P.Diddy on that one! (Telling my age there I know:)


I’ve done it the wrong way already with lackluster results so I can tell you now from experience that MONEY should not be the PURPOSE of your work rather the BYPRODUCT! Once you REALLY get that, REAL Financial freedom will be on the The way.  And what is REAL Financial Freedom?  It’s not having enough money to do as you please. Rather it’s the freedom to do what you love (helping, serving) without worrying about the financial. And that my friends is an original quote from Shona!

Light, Love and Financial Freedom,


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2 thoughts on “Money Monday- BYPRODUCT!

  1. You will do great and whoever attends will benefit from your approach as well as your knowledge. Your view on life actually reduces stress and supports a better outcome. I couldn’t agree with you more. Focus on the goal, make it productive for those who follow, and the fruits of your efforts will be seen. I have followed this path over my career. I have been able to be true to myself while helping others achieve their goals in life. I am excited to start each and every day in anticipation of new challenges that await. Wishing you and all those whose lives you impact all the success, good health and happiness possible.

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