PHDinMeBlog-Spirit Sunday! NAMASTE

What a weekend!  Whew! We were ON. THE. GO.

We had a ball at the stadium today!  You should have seen the little guys running onto that HUGE field all happy and excited!  The played there “hi-knees” off and won, but this game was about the experience and the final score did not technically count towards season totals.  My son and his dad stayed for the Pro game and the rest of us jumped back into our Sunday routine, but NOT before stopping for gas of course! Am I the only one out there that is startled when the gas light comes on?!?! HAHA! I am so thankful for that thing!  I would drive on and on on air if it didn’t like up with it’s normal ding.  And that ding always seems to say to me, “ah, helllooo, do I ALWAYS have to be near death before my thirst is quenched- geez”  HAHA!  

Tonight , I tucked in a sobbing little boy who was completely sad that he had no football practice tomorrow.  I spent time telling him how proud of him I and his family was and that I was even proud of his tears because they showed his passion and that all our sacrifices this football season therefore were worth it!  I also reminded him that he hadn’t had a nap and therefore a he may be a bit more prone to being extra upset at the moment:/ BUT that of course, that was only 1% of the issue, of course;)

And now as I wrap up this day and try to stay on target with my sleep goals I breathe deeply and focus within and I think of one of my all-time favorite words:


Speaks for itself:)

Namaste Scholars,


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