Family Saturday!

Hey Scholars!

So it’s almost 11pm and I’ve been home for 40 minutes.  After a morning of playoff football in the rain, my son’s team came alive in the second half but it wasn’t enough to pull off the win.  And with that, our regular football season was over.  I am SO proud of the boys and the coaches!  We ALL put in hard work, sacrifice and effort and it was ALL worth it!  Coach gathered them and gave them a great speech and the innocence of their age came to light when after some long faces due to the loss, they began to look up when coach reminded them that tomorrow they play at our at our city’s PRO NFL stadium as part of a special games lineup!!!  They cheered and jumped up and down!  There were more shouts of excitement when coach told them to be on the lookout for announcement of their farewell pizza party!  Oh my, what a celebration!  It was SO interesting to see how children that age are so willing ready and able to move on to the next thing.  When does that stop for us?  Sad that it does.

We came home to get out of wet clothes and take a quick nap (which I never did because my youngest was into everything!:/.  After which we went over to friends house staying for over 4 hours!  Man we had a ball.  NOTHING like good friends!  They are those friends where it all fits- Wives, husbands, and kids ALL have a blast with each other.  Do you know how hard of a dynamic that is to nail?  HAHA!  I told them they were like the gold at the end of a rainbow and I was so grateful for them.  It was fun and it was loud!  It could have lasted longer but we had to go due to having to be at the stadium by 7 am tomorrow! The whole family will go see my son play and then we have to leave the stadium because apparently NFL rules say the building has to be empty when the teams arrive.  When we depart my son will change clothes and we will grab a bite to eat most likely and then My husband and my son will stay for the PRO game and the rest of us will head home.

There you have it! I am wrapping up another wonderful family Saturday!  Full of family and friends. On this day and night, not even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined are “richer than I”.

Light and Love, 



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