PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday!! Weekend tips!!

Happy Friday Scholars!

Man oh man, something’ about a Friday! Wyoo!

I would say that somewhere within this past year I realized how drastically different weekend food offerings and therefore eating can be from eating during the weekdays.

How did I come to realize this you ask?  Because it finally dawned ion me that I was consistently weighing more on Sunday night than on Thursday night!

The worst part is that what took two or three days to put on was taking weeks to (safely) get off:(  Seriously.

Now in the past I shrugged it off because I know what I need to do to lose weight and I would just do it and it would come off. But uuhmmm, did I tell you guys in a recent post (Sept 24th) that I had a birthday. Well a-rum it seems as if my little ways of getting the weight off are not exactly having the same results as they used to and weekend weight is sticking around way longer than before- sometimes combining with subsequent weekends!

Not good!

I have finally yielded that I am going to have to change my ways and the most effective course for doing so in my opinion is to get serious about what I am eating on the weekends-:(

Now this is not an easy feat!  Saturdays are the ONE day of the week that my husband cooks breakfast/brunch and he “puts his foot in it”.  He makes me a special veggie omelette and the kids get cheese eggs.  He makes grits, fresh fruit selection, veggie bacon and sausage,  french toast, sparkling juices, and bakery fresh desserts, tea, and coffee  just to name the items that come to mind.  He has been doing this for years and I love coming downstairs on Saturday mornings to the sweet and savory wafting aroma, smooth up temp jazz and kids who are ecstatic to have had a morning off to do as they please! Ahhh, just thinking of it!  And did I mention dessert!  And there is usually always the option of ice cream to top it off.  Now, I know during the week that we will be having Che Marc’s (this is what we have named it.) and I plan to have my dessert on Saturday’s so I can fully enjoy it.  And I DO!  The problem is that the carb/sugar overload triggers a SERIOUS craving for more carbs and sugar throughout the day and inevitably, I yield rationalizing that I have been SO GOOD throughout the week plus I can take it off starting Monday- and here’s where the story comes full circle- that take it off part- well somehow my body is not getting the message on that these days:/

One other big obstacle for me is that being sleepy makes me hungry and I stay up too late on the weekends (well during the week too but I’m working on that).  

So now that you know the backstory, you know from which the motivation “to maintain and not gain” on the weekend comes.  You may not have my exact story, but if you could use some help maintaining fitness goals during the weekend, I’d like to invite you to join me in following these great booster tip!

So it’s ON!  What tips and tricks do you have for maintaining on the weekends?  How do you come up short? Let me know how you do with this and I’ll be updating on my progress.

Light, Love and GUILT-FREE Weekends!



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