PHDinMEBlog- Freestyle Thursday/GET THIS, REALLY get this



Love these ladies, this image and message!  Tell me they don’t have sass and swag!

What do you think?  Follow my blog and join a community of Scholars that are willing to be ridiculous on the journey to Pursuing a Higher Degree in Themselves! HA!

Light, FULL LIFE and Love, 



6 thoughts on “PHDinMEBlog- Freestyle Thursday/GET THIS, REALLY get this

  1. Hi Shona,
    Yes, I agree. These ladies have sass and swag! I agree with the quote. As a teacher, I feel it’s okay that I’m goofy with my middle schoolers, better a goofy middle school teacher than a boring middle school teacher!
    I want to thank you for your visits to my site a few moments ago.
    By the way, I know Koolaid moms.
    You mentioned on my Follow to Follow Directory that you are interested in getting new blog followers. I would love to add you to the directory! They know to follow back within three days. However, I was hoping to keep it as a perk for my blog followers. If you could take a moment, to sign up, I’d be happy to add you. I brought you the link to subscribe.
    There are currently four incentives for signing up!
    Excited to meet you.

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