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Hey Scholars!

I have been meaning to post this blog ALL DAY! Man.  Now it’s 5:46 pm EST.  Oh well, here it is.  The good thing is I have had a day full of positive “interruptions” so I will take it!

Today is nutrition Tuesday.  I wanted to confess today that don’t have time nor desire to cook detailed meals.  I have four kiddos under 10 and under and this just “ain’t the season to be making thanksgiving meals everyday- haha! And even if I did, NO ONE in this house would eat it except me so that means I would be puttin on the pounds! Not cool.

I so would like to take my time with a meal and display the art of cooking like my blog friend________ at ______.  I KNOW the difference it makes in a good meal to put your “foot in it” (for the international followers, that is a saying in some parts of the US to say the cook REALLY did a good job!)

My goal is to eat nutrition and fast and with that said, I present KALE, COLLARDS and QUORN:


Took about 10 minutes (with precooked greens) til plating.  Seasoned with salt, pepper and curry and WAHLAH!

I will be back to add to this post and let you know about Quorn products but I have to run to TKD and I don’t want Grandmaster making me do extra push-ups and runs- YIKES!

Tell me what you think of my cooking regimen right now.  Is this you or do you take your time to bring out the best?  Are you a perfectionist who would have never sent this blog post out like this?  HAHA!

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Light and Love,



4 thoughts on “PHDinMEBlog- Nutrition/ Short order chef

    1. Man, you married a cook! WOW! That’s a dream for so many!! Hilarious to think he think you may hurt yourself! Thanks for the encouragement! It feels slack at times compared to the people whose time and effort to cook I admire, but it’s not my season for that (it may never be) and I am perfectly fine with that. Your a queen encourager EA! Thanks for the comment!!

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