PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday/ Be still my heart!

Happy Saturday Scholars!

I am on the field right now but look what I saw coming in!

image image

That’s a girl (on the opposition team)! The only one on her team and her grandmother ( looked like) says it was her second year.image

Now, I’m gonna be honest, I’m old school on this and I like my boys to play with all boys so Im not addressing the fact of her being on the team. I’m addressing her AUDACITY to do it! THAT I LOVE! If this little girl keeps with that type of nerve she’s gonna knock whatever she does out of the box! GO GIRL!

I asked my daughter, “what do you think of her?” She replied, “well, I have no interest in playing football, but their is no doubt she is doing something extraordinary and she obviously will have to work very hard.”  PRECISELY.

May this little girl- Lilly- inspire you to BE UNSTOPPABLE in every GOOD pursuit!

Get to it NOW, TODAY! Thanks to Lilly, today I surely plan to touch the sky!

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Leave a comment and share what YOU will have the audacity to do today!

Light, Love and Audacity,


PS-My little guy and his team just won the game!!!!!!! That’s back to back wins!!! YAY!


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