PHDinMeBlog-Nutrition/Kombucha Review

Hey Scholars!

Today I’m going to be sharing my review of Kombucha!

Haven’t heard of it? I hadn’t either and the funny thing is as of this writing I can’t recall from which source I heard about it first but I believe it was some health article I was reading online.  


So first, in case it’s new I will share this link from the Mayo Clinic as a starting point in case you want to do some research:

My short nutshell version is that it is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast.  Many claim it has amazing health benefits.  Some say it not only does not have health benefits but has negative effects on health. Lastly, the FDA is on watch of manufacturers of it due to it’s alcohol content.

They say you can make it yourself (and people do) but that increases the risk of contamination and therefore sickness. PASS.

Health, Controversy and Alcohol- I had to try this!  HAHA!! (I don’t drink- just being frisky;)


I didn’t go out of my way by any stretch, but as things go, right after I read the article, I heard someone mention it (can’t even remember where:/)  and then I went to an Earth Fare store and lo and behold- a Kombucha buy one get one free sale! BINGO!  All of a sudden Kombucha is everywhere!  Has that ever happened to you? Ha!

I bought 2 and got 2 free! I told some of my gym buddies and they hadn’t heard of it but were intrigued.  I wasn’t in a rush to try it, but one of my buddies kept asking after class and I was like, “oh man, I can’t have her asking and I say NO again, after I told them all about it.”  So the next day, I planned to give it a try, mostly to give her my review because she said she REALLY wanted to try it.

So, eagerly, I did.  Cuz, I like to try things that I think I would like to try- ha! It had some floaty stuff at the bottom of the bottle, so I gave it a real good shake, popped the top and...


THIS is what happened!  Spillage on the counter because it is lightly carbonated and I did not know that!

The brand that I purchased said a cup was a single serving so I poured it into the measuring cup and gave it a sniff to see what I was in for.  Definitely not a delightful smell, but not horrible.  Sort of along the lines of mild apple cider vinegar.  Interesting for tea.  This brand also says, it has trace amounts of alcohol.  Ah man! HAHA!

It was finally time, here goes, down the hatch————————. O-Kaaaya.  It taste, like sour beer or old vinegar or juice gone bad- with a little fizz. HA!  But I did feel something different taking place in my body as and after I drank it and it was a positive feeling. Sort of along the lines of how I feel after I take a water/ACV with the mother/( with added molasses sometimes) shot.  I’m thinking the connection is the fermentation (vinegar with mother).  I had 4 bottles and only 1 left and I can say each time I have tried it I had the same effect as far as my body’s response and I would say that was good.  As you can see from my health shot concoction, I am used to sort of yucky to full on yucky tastes and will endure it if I think the health benefits are worth it SO overall, I would say Kombucha gets a thumbs up!

As long as I have my Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother I won’t go out of my way to buy Kombucha. But if I happen to pass another buy one get one free I would be sure to leave with a half dozen!

Light, Love and Good Health,


Hey, have you ever tried Kombucha?  What did you think?  Do you think you will after this review? Leave a comment and let me know:)


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