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In the 8/31 Money Monday post I talked about how our thinking affects our finances.  I’m now convinced that it does and not just about how or what we think about money but how we think in general.  Often times, our thinking is generated by the information we take in, which by and large comes from other people.  Therefore, I have discovered that it is imperative that we are intentional about being very selective regarding the people and the ideas that we allow into our minds in general of course but yes even when it comes to making money!

So who are these wrong people? I will share with you my Top Ten (10) list:

  1. People who do not have anything positive to say regarding your ideas, dreams, ambitions or goals
  2. People who seem to have all the time in the world to talk to you but no time to listen to you
  3. People who are easily distracted when you are talking but completely focused when they are talking
  4. People who don’t get excited about what you are excited about
  5. People who want to control you
  6. People who compare themselves to you
  7. People who do not have their own dreams, goals, ideas and ambitions
  8. Sedentary people
  9. Covetous people
  10. People who talk badly about others
  11. Bonus: People who never have any money- hahahaha! I’m totally cracking up here but it’s TRUE!  

How on earth will you be positively productive and get to the amazing places you are trying to go surrounded by such people! Know, that they come in every category, they can be parents (yikes:/), siblings, friends, family, associates, employers, employees, church/temple/synagogue mates, spouses, and yes even your children- dum da dum dum daaaaah (I would say late teen and above here.  If little ones are doing this, then look at yourself because they are HIGHLY likely mocking YOU- ouch!)

To be clear, we do not want to judge these people for they are just as deserving of love as you whether they know it or not.  Our position towards anyone negative is too STRIVE to have compassion.  You don’t have to tell me how hard THAT is!  Whew- lol!  It’s not easy breaking free of these people not because of them but because if you are around them then YOU have generated some mental familiarities and have become comfortable around this.  Danger: This puts you in position to BE one of these people- GULP! But you can change course- Whew! Leaving whats’s comfortable is uncomfortable and therefore naturally unpreferred by us so we resist the change and whatever is resisted grows stronger. UH, this is gonna take work.  But that’s what anything worth having takes so JUST DO IT!

Now, who are the RIGHT people?  Instead of giving a list here, an example comes to my mind. 

When I was in college, I was blessed to meet a girl who became my friend.  We were in college so we shared secrets, stress, good and bad times and even living space. (oh boy starting to get teary writing this).  She was a kind girl who loved to laugh and be crazy and she was.  She had a NY sass but also had class.  She was kind and oh so GIVING! Of course she was human with what some might consider less than desirable traits but the amazing thing was if you pointed them out to her she owned them. She never had much advice to give, mostly an ear and presence whenever needed. I noticed I was not the only person she was like this with.  I would tell this girl anything and she was RIGHT where I was. If I was happy she was happy, If I was down, she was down.  If I told her I had an idea, she was on board.  If it seemed as if I didn’t have an idea or an answer she was dumbfounded. Many years have passed and that young lady has become a woman and is still my friend.  I believe I could tell her I am about to start an underwater barbecue grilling business and although I have no doubt she would FALL APART from laughter, when she arose from the floor all the while shaking her head, she would cheer me on and encourage me forward.  This is what I have come to understand about this person.  SHE TOTALLY BELIEVES IN ME. (whoa teary right there).  I believe that she really thinks that although a hair-brained idea like an underwater barbecue grilling business is about as looney as it gets, if anyone can pull it off – SHONA CAN. WOW!  (grateful tears ya’ll).  Do you know what that has meant to me all these years to KNOW that I have someone like that in my corner!  Do you know what you can do when you have those type of people to surround yourself with?  People who believe in YOU!  Of course it only matters if YOU believe it but you have to build that supply of reinforcements (think military- hey I am an Army kid) in order to soldier on into victory.


Soooooooooo, (whew that was positively emotional wasn’t expecting all that today ya’ll- but it’s all GOOD) thinking isn’t just an activity, it manifests as a state of being!  Who do you want to be?  The answer to that is what your dreams are made of.   Kids dream of being astronauts, firefighters and ballerinas. That’s what they want to be! It keeps them excited! Your dreams are what you want to do.  Dreams are the fuel that propels you forward in life with something to look forward to, something to shoot for.  If we stay focused we can make a LIVING off of those dreams and THAT is the ultimate money dream!  That takes the RIGHT MIND and THE RIGHT TRIBE (PEOPLE)!  The cool thing is, YOU get to choose your tribe, choose wisely it’s too COSTLY not too!  Not only effecting the perception of your personal worth but the outcome of your net worth as well!

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Light, Love and Prosperity,



14 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Money Monday/People and Your Mind

  1. Shona,
    The minute I read the quote on this post, I knew I had to read it! Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with quite a few people that are constantly being negative and that I find I have to tread lightly around because whatever I say seems to be taken wrong or have a negative response. Thank you so much for sharing this post and for writing about something so important!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s an honor and pleasure to have written anything that could bless you Getting Through! You definitely deserve to walk on high, solid ground and not on eggshells! I hope that you and those around you will gain the UNDERSTANDING that leads to peace and progress for all! Light and Love, Shona


  2. These words have the power to help people change themselves into the person they wish to become. This helps those searching for more out of life, but just as importantly offers those who meet the criteria of the list of 10 to recognize these limitations and elevate their stature to a higher level of character.

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  3. Timely read! I’ve been holding back on posting about a colleague who has a habit of starting phrases with “don’t get offended but…”. You’re right. We need to stay away from these people.

    Liked by 1 person

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