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Hey Scholars!

You know today is all about the family!  Everyday is but Saturdays, I blog about it.  I am one who can say that really my family is my Passion.  KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING of who I AM is ALL. But my family (of procreation particularly) is truly where my fire lies in this season of my life. I have been SO blessed.  As a child of divorce and mucho shenanigans, I KNOW how blessed I am and I could NOT be more grateful!! Whew, I could shout with JOY just typing that.

So, this morning we had to drive an hour to the football field to have the eldest boy there by 9 for a 10 am game. Uh but, it was pouring! Can’t really complain because we have had great weather all season but, I still was like, “uh buoy, this is not gonna be comfortable:/”  I texted coach and he said the game was still on so, off we went.

Do you think your girl (that would be me;) would be ill prepared?



I just made like we were at the beach and we had a blast!  Sure it fell over twice because of the wind and the kids lost there breath (along with everyone else watching I’m sure) laughing at mom trying to keep from flying away while trying to re-stabilize it, but their laughter and efforts to help made me crack up laughing too, which made the process take even longer! LMBO!  Thankfully in that moment we were only contending with wind and not rain!

While getting settled, my eldest found a dime!  She was super excited (this girl has been following the stock market since she was 8, ok) and I was too as I have been teaching them about developing an abundance mentality.  About 15 minutes later she and her sister came running to me waving greenbacks in the air telling me they found two dollars!  And at this point even I am like, “Whoa, this abundance thing is serious- haha!”  Their little brother wanted a bill so I asked the eldest if she could give him the dime she had found earlier, she did and he looked down and then tossed it into the gravel! What?  I’m like Hey, why did you do that”, he said, “I don’t like coins and I didn’t want that!”  I’m like, “Oh my!” lol! But I tell him, that was an unkind thing to do and that he needs to use his words to let us know how he feels. He just turned 4 last Saturday so, we are still doing the “use your words” lessons.  My daughter is getting red faced and I say “Listen, I know that was not nice, but only minutes ago you didn’t have that 10 cents, don’t let it negatively upset your day because you don’t have it now.  Remember abundance. As it came to you, it is there to return.  I could see illumination in her face.  She had gotten it.  Solidified by the fact that indeed, she had received so freely without even trying. 

I looked:/ around for it but as easily as it seemed to have appeared, it disappeared in like manner.  It was a good thing I did not become an archeologist or detective. Feels good to find something but too frustrating to look for it, especially when you KNOW its HAS to be there. While looking I found a shiny new penny and gave it to my daughter. Her eyes lit up! -Ha! I let the dime go and thought of how happy the next person would be to find it and wondered if they would have as many lessons come from it as we did.

Yeah, We lost the dime but WE WON THE GAME!


That makes our second WIN of the season! YAY! Of course we cheered and even made up a song, which is typical for us to do.  Yes, we are that family that will make up songs to the sound of crickets, windshield wipers, crinkling plastic (or paper) bags, you name it! HA! My son was ALL SMILES when after the game he ran to the visitors section where we were!

As we were hugging him and telling him about all the moves we saw him make to help his team win and how hard we knew he worked, the rain started coming down.  Time To Go!


I was thankful for the opportunity to be out in the rain and I recognize that if it wasn’t for football, I surely would not have been.  As much as I fought it in the beginning, it’s been a good season and later today, there will be game winning vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in our future!  Go Eagles!

How do you spend time with your family? What do you think about abundance? Be sure to follow and leave a comment!

Light and Love for Family,



10 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday

  1. love your blog….what a wonderful day…even in the rain….my family when I was a child spend a good majority of our time beach combing….we lived on the Olympic peninsula and it was about all we had to do or watch Canadian hockey as that is the only channel we got on tv….and movies we at a movie theater 35 miles way…LOL so I have wonderful memories of all of us, my parents and 2 sisters treading through the sand checking the high tide line for treasures….non of us were into sports….my son played I season of soccer but it was mostly about his father…LOL he really didn’t want to play…I have taken my son to the beach in the rain…remove your shoes and strip down to your shorts and t-shirt and walk in the ocean waves at your ankles….it was fun….he enjoyed it and we were wet as you could get….thanks for stopping by my blog….I will look forward to reading yours…

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    1. Wow Kathy! It’s sounds you were blessed with a great childhood and family! It sounds so free of modern distractions which enable more focus on each other! Happy to hear you carried that on with your son! Thanks so much for sharing those great memories! Light and Love, Shona


  2. Abundance is a great word. Wealth usually refers to monetary gains; abundance deals with a multitude of life’s riches. These may include family, health, giving to others, receiving spiritual blessings and the list goes on. Abundance offers enormous opportunities to help live a life of balance.
    I enjoyed reading about your family’s interactions. They sound like a fortunate group.

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    1. Hey Dr. Jonathan! I agree with your perspectives on abundance. I grow up with a poverty mentality:( I did not grow up poor rather what was probably working class. I think in regard to poverty mentality this socio-economic class is the worst. At least if you are poor you are at the bottom (US standards) and can only look up. When you are the next step up, you develop fears to keep from being at the bottom-whew! what a mental mess. It has taken work to see the abundance that was there all along, but indeed I do and it’s important for me to teach that to my children. We do indeed feel fortunate and abundantly blessed! Light and Love, Shona

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  3. What a lovely day it must have been for you and your family! I enjoy reading it and your enthusiasm! I don’t have children but as a family, I consider my dog as part of my family. Usually my hubby and I walked along the beach or forest with our dog then ended the walk by having light snacks or Dutch pancakes 🙂 We did so as well during the winter 😀 well, as long as the weather is dry!

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    1. Indah!! What a sweet ritual you your hubby and dog share! What type of dog is it? I’m trying to get a full visual. We consider our cat family! She is 11 years old and we think the greatest cat ever! If she would cooperate we would take her on a walk also, but, uhhm cats-not so much! Haha! I REALLY enjoy going for walks with the family! Light snacks or Dutch pancakes! YUM! I can’t think of a better way to end a family walk! Light and Love, Shona


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