PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday! Mary Jane?!?

Friday, now is the time to pl-ay! It’s Friday, now is the time to play!

That’s a song my kids and I wrote and sing on Friday!  One of many!

Good MORNING Scholars!

I did it!  I got my workout in.


I must admit, I was REAL close to not going this morning!- UGH! But I did it because, really I have gotten to the point where I don’t prefer how my day feels when I don’t go. Particularly when it’s just because I didn’t FEEL like it, I was too sleepy or another of my deemed lame excuses.  Still, this morning, I ALMOST didn’t go.

My 2 year old niece had another seizure last night. I had just gotten off the phone with my little sister and she said she had spent HOURS in the emergency room because my niece had a fever.  She tends to have febrile seizures and my sister just wanted to get ahead of it.  Hours later, no seizure but still fever and they sent them home.

About 9:44 pm she called me from the ambulance.  10:24 pm my mom calls to tell me what she didn’t know my sister had already called to tell me.  Mom and I stayed on the phone til 12:30 and I probably tossed til nearly 1 am.  It wasn’t looking like a 4:30 am alarm was going to be positively heeded.  But SLOOOWWWLLYY, I did it and made it to class with 2 minutes to spare.

I hadn’t thought about it but my mom was telling me that after the ambulance left a neighbor whom she had never met before asked her what happened and she told her her granddaughter had a seizure.  The lady was dismayed but then perked up and begin telling my mother she should look into marijuana for my niece.  My baby boomer mom was  like “What?! How is that going to work for a two year old?”  The lady went on about the benefits and how it had helped her mother. And mom is starting to piece it all together and as she was telling me so did I.  I said, “oil, it would be in oil form ma.”  Because I had heard that in last night debates.  She said, “ok, oil.” As if for the first time she could see the possibility of it.  We both felt a glimmer of hope and as we began to run with it we found ourselves running towards a wall of roadblocking questions.  1) Is it legal in NY? (I REALLY don’t think so)  2) How do we get it?  3) Should we travel 4) would it really help her 5) would it be safe for a 2 year old  6) Why isn’t it already legal so we could just try it?


And just like that, we were a REAL part of the conversation.  Honestly, I hear about it what seems like just about everyday and I had never considered it.  For 2 years it has never come up in our conversations about my niece and the seizures she has had since she was less than a week old.  But last night it did and after two years, we found ourselves yearning to have that option.  To not see this sweet little girl and her young mother have to undergo this trial if there is any other way.

Having not heard from my sister yet, I sure my niece is doing better right now. Which means we all are. I’ll be making time today to look into medical marijuana and NY state law regarding it.  Maybe marijuana won’t be a help at all and is a false hope for relief but I hope I find good news! I like how hope feels.  I think I’ll ride it for a while.

So, a different Fitness Friday post today, let’s see is there anyway I can tie it all together and bring it back to solely fitness?  Hmmmm, maybe that because I went and worked out my mood is bright and combined with hope my outlook for the day is one of great anticipation? Eeh, don’t know- haha if that works but it doesn’t have to.  Right now, I feel good, SLEEPY but good.

Tell me what you know about this.  What do you think?  Follow PHDinMeBlog and let’s Pursue a Higher Degree of Living together!  This community is GROWING!  Be a part of it because seriously, we are winning over here and there just might be some wonderful weeds in our future that you won’t want to miss out on! HAHAHAHA!! Ahhh!


Light, Love and Healthy Temple,



2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday! Mary Jane?!?

  1. So sorry to hear about your niece. I thought I would provide a few references for your sister to review to provide additional possible information that might be beneficial. Obviously I have no information on the specific types of seizures your niece experiences, therefore, this information should only be used as educational information until it is reviewed with professionals who can guide further treatments to improve current outcomes. I hope she finds the information beneficial.


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