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Good Morning Scholars,

So I watched the Republican Debates last night.


It does not cease to amaze me that we live in the greatest country in the world and yet it seems year after year we have such a paltry selection of candidates to choose on either side (I’m independent) from for what some might consider the highest position in the land.  And most of them are IVY league educated! SMH.  To emphasize, I am not talking about who they are personally but just the “them” they present to the public in order to obtain this job.

I would so enjoy being in a position where all the candidates where SO amazing for the position that I just had a terrible time choosing which one.  Oh Well, Dreams.

I did get to know a few candidates better from the debate and glad CNN streamed it free online, unlike Fox for the first debate. There’s hope for a couple of them.  I would say although I could not, at this time, IMAGINE voting for him, that Jeb looked the most naturally presidential, but that’s practically in his DNA, so…haha.

I liked Paul’s comments on marijuana and crime/imprisonment in the minority communities although, I thought he overstoked on the medical marijuana sympathy route.

I thought Carly was articulate and liked her response to Trump about her looks (which was ridiculous for him to say;) but I think she should be careful about “womaning” us to death.  Barack didn’t “black” us to death during his campaign and it obviously broadened his appeal.  The president is leader of ALL, there is no room for special interest grouping in that position.

Let’s see, who else.  I did like Carson’s logical, calm approach and polite disposition.  I know that won’t do for many because they like the more untamed model (hence Trumps lead) but it would be nice if we ALL kind of took a bit of a chill pill in this nation.  It’s a calming thought at least- ha!  But really, we need to start valuing rationality a bit higher.

I enjoy dabbling in politics so I will be staying tuned for what’s to come for this election.

As a native New Yorker who grew up during the Don’s hey day, I’m always going to tune in when i can when he is on.  I know he can be annoying but most of the time, he cracks me up and with that I will leave you with my FAVORITE TRUMP LINE of this presidential bid:


HA!  Gotta love it!  The sheer moxy! I’m not gonna lie, I’m using that one in my OWN life! Ain’t nobody got time to be always explaining or backtracking on what they say!  Own it or keep your mouth shut!  (ahhh, makes me miss NY!) In Trumps case he doesn’t keep his mouth shut, so he owns it (most of the time) and makes for great TV in the process! LOL!

What do you think?  Follow, Leave a comment!  Don’t be scared to talk politics and what is happening in our world! Good people NOT talking perpetuates nonsense and darkness in our communities and nation as a whole.  These candidates are the people who will be leading the charge that affect causes many of us care about such as human rights, carbon imprint, national/world debt, world hunger, ecetera (list too expansive to name them all) so let’s be positive and have fun talking about it!

Light, Love, and Politics (be informed, get involved vote!)



4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Freestyle Thursday!

  1. As a doctor, I enjoyed the discussion about vaccinations. I write about this topic and attempt to expose the public to information not readily available or discussed. I have NO interest in telling people what they “should” do. I simply want them to have as much credible, unbiased information to make their OWN DECISIONS. I do not believe the gov’t has the right to mandate health care policy. Doctors and parents together should decide what is in a family’s best interest with the parents having the final word. I was pleased to see concern about the number of vaccinations as well as the frequency given from birth to 18 months. Compromises between advocates for and against vaccinations could be made on the type of vaccination and the current schedule. This, in my opinion, would be a good starting point rather than an “all or nothing policy.”

    As I may have mentioned, with the passing of my mother, I am helping my father through this process. I will be very spotty on writing and commenting until the first week in October. I wanted to let you know so you didn’t think I abandoned your blog site. I enjoy your articles very much.

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    1. Dr. Jonathan, it’s amazing that you would even think of any concern that I might have with the passing of your mother but it also goes to show what an incredible human you are. I can only imagine how grateful your father is to have your help in this time. Losing a mother is beyond comprehension personally and particularly to those who have not gone through it. I pray your comfort during this time and I will look forward to you coming back to the blog regularly!
      That said, “why oh why can’t we all have doctors like you?” Working in partnership with the patient, reasonable minded and concerned about the holistic being while giving the tools/information/help and encouragement needed to put the responsibility for one’s health in the patients (or their children’s) hands? Man, to have more doctors like this. I know some doctors would like to but the bureaucracy in the system prevents them from doing what they would like to the degree they would like to, BUT STILL- it sure would be nice. It will be interesting to see what U.S. healthcare will look like in this next decade. Seems like Carson definitely has the leading edge in this matter. As well he should! Light and Love, Shona

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  2. Shona, I just can’t let you get away with the claim that you live in the greatest country in the world. I respect your right to say that, of course, but how many other countries have you experienced? 😉

    We all have politicians, of some description, most of whom seem to respect the credo that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Arguably, we get what we deserve, but at least we have democracy in common with you, as wells the right to free speech.

    We think we have it pretty good down under, and we certainly have a lot less guns! Peace, Ken

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    1. Ken! Haha! I won’t give a count of how many countries, but I will say that due to the dynamic mind of my young father as well as my courageous and supportive mother(s), I received my first passport at the age of 8 and boarded Lufthansa for my first flight to Frankfurt, Germany that same year staying for the entire summer. I was happy to come home and give my teachers, many whom had never been out of the country, real life accounts of the cobbled-stone streets I had walked, as well as reports of a bustling Mannheim, the dark and magnificent skies of the black forest and BEER being served at McDonalds! Additionally as a Native New Yorker, many countries have Come To Me without me ever having to leave “home” that is if you consider a country not just the landscape but even more so the people it is made of! I find most people are all to happy to share of their homeland (I especially like when they share its food;) That first passport was stamped out of pages and replaced by others as the love for travel, language and culture was born and nurtured! Lol! I love people and the whole of the earth and we are ALL great! I think divisiveness is disillusion. I hope to VISIT as many places as possible and those I can’t physically reach, I’m happy to pick up a book and/or a good documentary and explore in that way. That said when it’s all said and done there is no place like home and no place BETTER than the USA! I hope we (US) can get our act together on MANY things including guns- SMH! I admire that you guys have less guns (hopefully that means less violence) and I will look forward to visiting the Land Down Under one day! Light and Love, Shona


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