PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition/ Hemp Yogurt Review

Hey Scholars!

As you know I like to talk food/nutrition on Tuesdays so I am excited to share this review!

First off I don’t even know how to get paid for reviews at this time so until I say different, anything I review is my opinion only! Sponsored and/or compensated by no one.

That said… one of the things I like about visiting friends is when they have something to eat that I don’t and I get to try it without first having to buy it.  I find that this not only appeases my curiosity but saves money as well- win- win right?! Well, that is the purpose of my reviews, to give you that same appease/save experience:)

Today we have Hemp yogurt!


Yup, it exists and I had never heard of it either.  In general, I don’t eat much dairy however, I do usually eat at least one serving of dairy (greek yogurt) a day at this point.  Sometimes I use this yogurt serving as a quick protein fix and sometimes I use it as a dessert or before bed meal, so at this time it’s a pretty common staple in my diet.  When I saw this Hemp yogurt, I was like, “ooohhh!, this could be a GREAT substitute and decrease my dairy a bit!” and I happily put two (one plain one strawberry in my cart and purchased them:)) AND, I should also say… drumroll please- It was ON SALE- Happy dance!!

About two days later, I popped the top and was ready to dig in with great anticipation!  Can. You. Say. YUCK!

This stuff was UNBELIEVABLE! Ewwww! First off the texture was thick liquid(*&%^!


What in the world? If you were gonna serve liquid yogurt why wouldn’t it be in a bottle?  Not a bowl-like container! (eye roll/smh)

The taste was, Oh my goodness Scholars- (SMH slowly as if to warn you.) It was like some bitter crazy taste that you don’ t even want to have in your mouth nor go down your throat. Eh!  I really thought “this company should be ashamed” SMH-LOL!

My kids were looking horrified- haha- Like “The way she looks I KNOW she doesn’t want us to try THAT!” Haha!

Not wanting to be one to waste whats “SUPPOSED” to have nutritional value if I can help it, I threw it into my mini blender (alone with the strawberry one to get it over with) and added a few ingredients to make a smoothie but the yuck factor bitter was still there and I ended up holding my breath and just getting it down.  Now my husband is like, “WHY on EARTH would you still even think about eating something you have to do all that to” HAHAHA and sometime I wonder myself, BUT as I said, if I think it has nutritional value and there is not too much of it, I will try to make it work.

Can you say NEVER. AGAIN. !!! HAHAHA! But at least it was on sale and NOW I KNOW and SO DO YOU! HAHA!

For now I will be sticking to my plain greek yogurt and OIKOS Triple ZeroDannon Oikos Triple Zero in Banana Creme Greek Yogurt

When I want to have yogurt sass!

Here’s to someone else trying it first!

Have you tried Hemp yogurt?  What do you think? Will you try it after reading this review? HAHA! Follow/Leave a comment and Let me know:)

Light, Love, Good Nutrition and Fun finding it!



4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition/ Hemp Yogurt Review

  1. When you started talking about the Hemp Yogurt I was like “Oh Ya!” and then I read on and that was it. The way you described it and the way it looks in the container there in the photo is enough for me. But, I supposed if someone had it at their home I might take a bite to actually see. I think I’ll stick to my Greek yogurt as well for now. Thank you for the update on Hemp yogurt. 8)

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