PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday! Meet your new IN.FORM Health Coach!


Hey Scholars!

As of yesterday, I am now a certified IN.FORM Health Coach!  I am excited about this opportunity because it not only provides yet another platform for me to share my joys about the Lifestyle of Holistic Wellness but (being that it is Money Monday) it also provides an opportunity to reach my goals of Financial Freedom AND help others to do the same!

I had a ball during the training and it was so good to be in the company of so many like-minded people during the final session!  It was inspiring to see so many ordinary people who have gone after their dreams and become successful and by successful I don’t just mean money, I mean FULFILLED in what they do and thereby HOW they earn their money.

I saw this quote and it totally described my thoughts about my NSP business so far:


I’m excited ya’ll! (Funny a NY girl saying Ya’ll- I know- HAHA!)  I am making plans to start my first class VERY SOON!

It is my hope that YOU TOO can find avenues for earning income that ALSO delight your soul!

Greater things are on the way!

Light, Love and Prosperous Living!




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