PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday/TRAINS!!!!

Hey Scholars!

I hope your Saturday has been as adventurous and joy-filled as mine has been!

Today my youngest son turned 4!!!!!!  He is the fourth child in the family and he is the first to be fascinated by trains!  So today was ALL about trains!!!!!

We went to a wonderful hobbyist shop I found out about.  The man started collecting in the year 2000 and his collection has grown to the thousands!  His collection outgrew his home and then outgrew a rental space to land in the retail space he has now.  It’s amazing to see the collection he has and he opens it up for all to see but he works full time and only runs the trains on Saturdays- perfect for us today!

It was really great seeing my little guys face light up as we walked in to the smell of smoke and oil:


We asked tons of questions and the birthday boy made sure he saw every train go ’round countless times while observing the fabulous scenery:


He really questioned what this guy could have done to make the police officer have him get out of the car and put his hands up:/


We didn’t know but we were glad he complied so there wouldn’t be any further trouble.  We thought it must not have been THAT worrisome of a situation because his lady friend in the car was applying lipstick- Haha- seriously she was- lol!

That gave us all a good chuckle and it was just a snippet of the fun and laughs we shared during our time in the hobby shop.

Some of the most fun moments where when the collector would have to tend to an off track train.  We didn’t realize it could be such a complex process and when the train would get back “on track” we would all cheer!


Afterwards we went to a train yard and saw real vintage trains from the days of the “Iron Horse”!  The kids could not believe how BIG the real trains were!  (I have pics but download is not cooperating at the moment:/ )Many in the yard were beyond repair and rusted and that provided a great opportunity to share a bit about US railroad history and how the automobile changed the culture!

We followed up by going to the Lego store and of course buying a train set for the birthday boy to put together and add to his budding collection!

We wrapped up by donning our train party hats and heading to a restaurant to eat.  Everyone in the restaurant knew we had a birthday in our party and that the celebrant liked TRAINS! HA!

We arrived back home at 8 pm pooped! I asked my son was he ready for cake and ice cream and he said he was too full!  I asked him if he wanted to open his gifts and he said, ON HIS OWN mind you, “tomorrow”!  WHAT?  This boy was knocked out tired! The only other thing he wanted was a “sleepover” and one of his big sisters took him up on that (the eldest) which literally made him jump for joy and restlessly wriggle his toes once I tucked him in (with his big sis nearby camped out on the floor mattress)!

When I saw those legs and toes kicking joyously, my heart soared! I am so filled when my kids are happy!  It just IS that way for me.  Thankfully they are happy most of the time- hahahaha!

Happy Birthday baby boy (Z4)!  Your family LOVES you! Thanks for giving us a reason to keep the party going! We look forward to more birthday fun tomorrow eating ice cream and TRAIN cake (of course), and opening presents!!!


I am SO glad I am wise enough to know to enjoy EVERY moment of this time! Already FOUR! Wow! I better stop before I cry happy tears!

Light and Love, 



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