PHDinMeBlog- Fitness Friday!

Schoooolarrrrrrrs, it’s Friiiidaaaaaay!


Man, just saying Friday!  HAHAHA!


So here is what I wanted to say about working out today:  It really is MY TIME!  When I go into the Zone, there is nothing there except me and me (in the mirror).  I enjoy working out in the gym so there are other people around, but in the Zone they start to fade away.  While I am working out, sometimes I pray, sometimes I vent, sometimes I meditate and sometime I actually have a private party/celebration- ALL BY MYSELF!  I make the time my own for whatever is needed to build myself up or even just let myself be.  This includes time spent before and after my workout (going to and coming from the gym). It really is a time of going inward and tapping into my SELF.  Concentrating on physical movement causes Mind, Body and Spirit to align in a way that enable’s you to see the reality of the connection between them.  It’s wholly gratifying and for me, a certain amount of sweat let’s me know where my level of focus has been during my routine. I honestly can not say enough about making exercise/physical movement a lifestyle.  It invigorates your day and gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that stands- no matter what else the day may hold.  You deserve that!

Here’s to your quiet time today Scholars!

Light, Love and Healthy Temple,



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