PHDinMeBlog-Money Monday/My NSP business!

Hey Scholars!

Before Money Monday wraps up, I wanted to share with you all some offer information from Nature’s Sunshine! You may remember me sharing with you a couple months ago how excited I was to partner with a brand that was in alignment with my Pursuit of Higher Development in health and wellness!

As you know, one of the best ways to enhance our financial freedom is by having multiple streams of income and for me Nature’s Sunshine provides just that for me and my family!

Nature’s Sunshine puts out weekly promotions at the beginning of the week for U.S. members only (non US receive local market promotions) which is great because it coincides with Money Monday so I plan to only post about my business on Mondays with a featured image of an NSP logo! (Unless of course there is something exceptional occurring having to do with the business;) This way you will know and can skip the post if it may make you feel you are being sold to!  And if you are interested in the products and opportunity, then by the same token, you will know to click right on in- HAHA!

I am excited about this opportunity and I look forward to continuing to build my business and putting a team together so we can all WIN and attain our health and wealth goals!

Here is the weekly special for this week:


To learn more about Nature’s Sunshine and to place an order go to:

All $100+ orders placed before midnight 9-7-15 receive an instant 10% off (US Mountain time)

(I’m cracking up because of my earlier post of all the companies trying to get you to spend your money on Labor Day-HAHA!  At least it’s not paper mail-hahaha!  Listen, I am excited about this company and THOROUGHLY enjoy the products, but it’s still a company with the same MO- HA!  I don’t make the specials I just share them!!- LOL! Obviously if you don’t need it- Don’t Buy it!!! But if you find a steal of a deal- go for it!  Like myself I bought the Vita Lemon because of the Discontinued Discount and I love lemon (see last Saturday’s post-haha!)

Let me know if you have any questions by just sending an email when you get to my .mynsp website at

Light,Love, Health and Wealth


NSP Independent Distributor #3415982


3 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog-Money Monday/My NSP business!

  1. So, here comes the ultimate pedant again, Shona. I know that your 9-7-15 is what I call 07/09/2015, take that as read. However is midnight AEST, PST or somewhere else? The US west coast is currently 17 hours behind AEST, (19 hours when we are on summer time and you aren’t) but it is only 14 hours (16) to your east coast. Just curious of course 😉 By the way, I also cracked up at the thought of your electronic letter box drop. At least the forest is saved 🙂 Grace & Peace, Ken

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      1. OK, now I am with you, with memory bank pictures of Denver, Boulder and Vail. Also have memories of a very special game of tennis at Broomfield Tennis Club – a new experience at altitude 🙂

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