PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday!

Happy Labor Day Scholars!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off work!  YABBA DABBA DOO!

I know all the companies are doing all they can today to prompt you to spend your day browsing their shelves/websites to get you to spend your hard earned day off  and money at their businesses but I want to take a moment to help you be accountable to your financial freedom goals- with a little help from old Ben Franklin;)


Today, make a point to get out and about seeing and enjoying as many FREE or low cost experiences as you can!  In fact make a challenge out it if that motivates you.  For example, you could add the cost of everything you want or would have wanted to buy and calculate your savings then and there! Put it on paper and congratulate yourself on what you SAVED! Of course if there has been something that you have been wanting or needing and it actually is a steal of a deal today, Get it! Taking advantage of deep discounts is VERY financially savvy and keeps you in step with your goals.  More importantly the road to financial freedom is not about total deprivation (cuz if it is, I’m taking a different route!).

Use your time and money wisely today Scholars!  Leave a comment and let me know what you did with your time and money on Labor day 2015!  Be sure to follow PHDinMeBlog and lets pursue Higher Develepment in Life together!

Light and Love,



4 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday!

  1. Nice quotation, Shona. Our letter boxes are jammed with junk mail attempting to extract our funds for any event – Fathers’ Day (last Sunday for us), Mothers’ Day (usually same day as USA), Labour Day etc etc. I cringe at the loss of forests caused by this paper onslaught ;( Peace, Ken

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  2. SO SO TRUE Ken! Haha! Thanks for commenting and for letting us Americans know that you guys have the same junk-stuffed mailbox issue (makes for good glass cleaning though!) and that Fathers day is in August in Australia- who knew:/ Light and Love, Shona

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