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Hey Scholars!

Whew, I’m sleepy!  I will be turning in shortly, but I didn’t want to lay down without posting today’s post!

The boys lost their football game today and for the first time earlier in the game, when my boy was called to the sidelines (rotation), he cried.  Everyone asked him what was the matter, because he is NOT an easy crier, and he said “I didn’t make a touchdown.”  I didn’t know this until we got into the car after the game when my husband filled me in.  I saw some people tapping his helmet and a few plays later he was back in the game averaging his most playing time yet.

The team coach followed my husband and son to the car, while I was helping a friend who just had his 6th son, and when I got into the car to leave, after saying thanks to coach and getting the adjusted practice schedule (Labor Day), I asked my husband why coach had walked them to the car from which my husband proceeded to tell me what happened earlier on the field.

After every game the coaches talk to the boys, encourage, motivate and uplift them and then give them a fun bag of treats (not sure if the older boys get treats but my son is in the youngest league division:).  By the time I looked at my son, his face was covered in Oreos and he had a blue Gatorade (didnt say they were healthy treats:/)  in hand watching the car TV- He was Happy! And of course “zombied” out because the TV was on.  I don’t even know if he realized I was in the car:/ I didn’t say a word because seeing him that way, I felt happy and contented.

Later at home, when I congratulated him on a game well played, I didn’t even wait for him to say anything to me about his field event,  I exclaimed, “Son, I’m so proud that you WANT to make that touchdown!, That’s awesome!” I threw my hands up and celebrated as if he had done it! I started turning away from him and as I left him, I was smiling and fist pumping.  He looked at me like “Huh? But I didn’t and she’s excited?” but he didn’t say anything. And I loved it! Although he may not fully understand, I think he instinctively got it.  I’m proud of his passion.  It’s the passion that is the THRILL of the fight!  Hanging tough, staying hungry. Today I saw my baby boy with THE EYE OF THE TIGER! …Yes!

Light and Love,


Have you lost the grip on the dreams of the past? Fight to keep them alive! 

Peace and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday!

  1. An Aussie, formerly a Rugby League (which I don’t really follow, because I follow Rugby Union) player, has just created some sort of precedent by making “the list” of the San Francisco 49ers (which I don’t follow). I hope you understand how significant this is, Shona, because it is really big news here. Frankly I don’t understand how your brand of football has sixty minutes playing time spread over a just about whole day, but then you guys probably don’t understand our Aussie rules game either (120 minutes of play over about 150 minutes total, with no helmets or heavy padding.
    One of the joys of being different 🙂
    Oh, by the way, although we are more of a cricket nation, I do ‘get’ baseball 🙂 I was disappointed to learn that the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburg is no longer there.

    Grace and Peace, Ken


  2. Oh my! Hahaha! How cool is it for me here in the US to have an Aussie blog friend to broaden my sports horizons to an international level! I have to check out this Rugby 49er! Don’t worry about not understanding football time- NO ONE gets it, we just go with it!! Haha! Light and Love, Shona


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