PHDinMeBlog-Fitness Friday!!

Happy Friday Scholars!

When I saw this, I CRACKED up!!!!!  


Oh my word!  This was me!  I am not kidding, this will provoke you to steal!  LOL!!!  I remember feeling like all of a sudden EVERYONE in the gym had headphones except me and about 30 of them looked exactly like mine! HAHA!  Oh my goodness!  I honestly didn’t think anyone was as “crushed” as I was until I saw these meme’s!! Just goes to show you are never alone! hahaha!

It takes you so long to get your mind right when you don’t have that musical medicine you depend on to set the mood! Here’s a word to the wise:  Make a gym list and pack everything the night before guys!  It’s totally worth it, saving you time, effort and tears- LOL!!!

Hope you have a GREAT workout today Jamming to some FUN tunes on your HEADPHONES- Don’t forget them! ahahhahaha

Light and Love,



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