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Hey Scholars!

Tuesday is a fun blog day for me because I get to share nutrition choices and some yummy foods I have whipped up during the last week or so. Notice I used the word “fun” describing food. I am a confessed emotional eater defined as –I like to enjoy my food! I have heard all about the people who “eat for fuel not for taste” (said in my deep macho man voice-haha) and I have even tried it but, it’s just not me. 😦  It makes me happy to see well plated food and I think bright thoughts when aromatic smells are wafting through the air and… You get the drift!- haha! By the same token I experience contrasting emotions when my food is not so hot:(. I get disappointed, bored, and even ill if it’s not right:/.

I personally think this makes for a well-rounded and in depth food experience but I know it’s not the PC thing to say( that one is an emotional eater). But did you really read this blog post for PC? I didn’t think so! Let’s dig in! First up: Flapjacks!

Photo by Shona
Photo by Shona

After making these Flapjacks the first time weeks ago, I have had a little practice. As you can see, I have these “Jackies” cooked to perfection ( is naming food emotional eating?)  These were ala strawberry shortcake as an ode to a departing summer!  You guys, Im gonna tell you the truth, they were so good I didn’t want it to end and thought about licking the plate!  I didn’t though, seriously, I didn’t!

Light,Love and Good Eats!



8 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- More Flapjacks

  1. Satan here just wanting to support your efforts and encourage these delicious lovely flapjacks!! 😀 I’m only kidding. They really do look quite tasty.
    How about a compromise. How about we feed the body (in my deep masculine voice) the nutrition it needs FIRST and then add these delicious flapjacks. Sounds like a winning combo to me. 🙂

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