PHDinMeBlog- Money Monday

Hey Scholars!

It’s Money Monday!  Couple things I want to talk about today!

  1. We are still using Mint as our budgeting software, but were as we normally update/reconcile/balance the budget on the weekend, we didn’t this past weekend and will instead be doing so on Tuesday evening so I will let you know how Mint is holding up as we try it for a month at least.
  2. I will be posting an article regarding Gen Xer’s and Money and I have good news amongst the most often heard dismal- We still have time!!!! HAHAHA! According to Most Gen Xer’s have time to correct mistakes made regarding retirement planning! Hooray!!! (Side note according to money guru;) Shona: I believe you have time no matter what age! Perception, belief, hard work make the difference!)
  3. I read this week that if you think about not having money, then you won’t have it.  It will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. GULP!  A lot of us are aiming to make money based on the notion of what we do not have!  Could this be why it’s taking some of us so long to achieve our financial goals?  I think this is something to truly consider as I 100% believe you get what you believe not what you want!

Let me know what you think Scholars!  We have a lot of good money discussions to look forward to as we Pursue Higher Development in our Financial Freedom!

Light and Love,



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