PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday


We did it!!!! We (so funny I say we and my feet did not touch the playing field- ha!) won our first game!

After weeks of hard work in practice and 4 defeats, the boys finally took home the win today!


We were all thrilled and SOOOOO happy for our boys!!!!  They had been gracious in their “defeats” but they needed this win for their little spirits and being hungry as they were- THEY GOT IT! You guys should have seen them!!

Afterwards, my oldest boy said, “since we won, can we go somewhere to celebrate?”  I hadn’t necessarily planned on that, “but not wanting to break momentum, I said, “sure” and after knocking out some called out request, we settled on Chic-Fil-A.  There were cheers in the car!

It was packed!  Who knew every kid athlete and their family went to Chic-Fil-A after games.  There were jerseys and cleats everywhere but it was a fun and warm atmosphere and the staff was on the move!

I have been stalking their newer menu item, Frozen Lemonade, for quite some time and this was my chance!


It would be a bonus win for everyone!  Right?  I am a BIG lemon fan.  I use Lemons for so many things, in my drinking water both hot and cold, on food, in dressings, on my face as a toner, etc.  You say lemon and I’m in on the conversation, so as you might imagine, I was amped to try this dessert/drink.  I had heard various reviews with the most compelling one being a gal saying she was addicted!  What? I gotta try this!  The verdict for me: It was ok, no addictions here.  I can’t say I was let down simply because I really don’t have time for an addiction nor  do I want to finance one- ha!.  If I’m going to blow 330 calories on a treat, it needs to knock my socks off and this just didn’t do it.  Lastly, one of children (who went to the play area to play) left her drink on the table and the contents began to separate.  Uhmmm, I didn’t like the way that looked- haha!  I mean it was nice to know that it was indeed lemonade and ice cream as that stated but I just had a problem seeing it separated in the cup.  Don’t judge! HAHA!  I am the first person I have heard with this type of review on this so…  I will say, my eldest daughter said it was THE BOMB and had two!  I was totally happy for her!  If you try it let me know what you think!!

One additional note, because my youngest daughter didn’t like her frozen lemonade drink (she is a VERY picky eater), the manager of this BUSY restaurant gave us two free meal coupons, two chocolate chip cookies (which I told him he REALLY didn’t need to) and an ice cream cone!  At a friends house last night we were just talking about how people no longer have a DESIRE to serve others and/or to go out of their way to make people/customers feel happy.  Thanks manager Wesley, for showing that there ARE exceptions to that claim!

Have a Great Saturday Scholars!

Light and Love, 



6 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Family Saturday

  1. It’s so nice to read a post and smile throughout its content. I am glad for you and the team for keeping composure through the losses and magnanimous celebration in victory.
    Since you are the judge of lemons and their preparation, it is possible you would have preferred your dessert drink as a facial toner application. It would have provided you an additional 330 calories as well since the dermal absorption rate is quite low! 😀
    We are a culture that frequently loses focus resulting in all sorts of imbalances. In general, I believe people are good and well intentioned. It’s nice when this belief is reinforced with acts of kindness as you described by the store manager.
    Wishing you and your gang a joyous weekend filled with fun and adventure.

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    1. OMGoodness!!!!! ROTFLMBO! I could hardly read past the dessert drink being used as a facial toner! If I had of thought of it, I probably would have seen that as a better option than finishing the drink! HAHAHA! Awww so glad you smiled through the content of the post! THAT is one reason why I blog! Yes, manager Wesley and his positive disposition turned my “sour” lemon drink experience into citrus sunshine! Thanks for the affirmation and humor Dr. Johnathan! Light and Love, Shona

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm! I just logged in and it’s coming up at the bottom right corner Ken. A little tab should come up saying follow! Do try again and you will have to be sure to let me know if you still can’t get it so I can look into getting it straightened out:/ Thanks for telling me, I don’t want an awesome guy such as yourself to miss out on joining us on PHDinMeBlog! Light and Love, Shona

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for your persistence in finding it! I look forward to you following! Now you have given me tech work to do:/ and for me that is WORK indeed:/ Thanks so much as I would not have known! Light and Love, Shona


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