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Hey Scholars!

Wanted to share a quick power snack with you! Here we have a chickpea veggie burger on a slice of live grain Ezekiel bread with mustard.


Yum! Took my 2 1/2 minutes which included putting the mustard on the bread!


14 g of protein and 15 grams carbs creates a tasty and filling pick me up in little to no time!

Now as a disclaimer I do make my own bean burgers however I also keep some healthy frozen items in my fridge and freezer. This veggie burger dear friends is a creation of the Morning Star brand.  If you are total “anti-processed” I commend you and you can make your own and freeze in advance which I do sometimes and is a great choice! But for times that I don’t (which depending on my schedule can be often), I thank my morning star for this quick tasty option!

Light and love,



2 thoughts on “PHDinMeBlog- Nutrition

  1. Love the way you wrote this posting. Minimizing processed food is wise. Any reader complaining that you should never eat Morning Star needs to understand that the healthiest and happiest people are those accomplishing balance in life, not perfection. I would rather see morningstar veggie burgers than McDonald’s burgers and fries and a coke any day!!

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    1. Hey Dr.Jonathan! Thanks for the comment! Coming from someone with your knowledge and expertise in healthcare I am humbled that you would agree with my opinion on the matter! “Balance not Perfection’– That’s the phrase of THE DAY! Follow/Come back soon! Light and Love, Shona

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